EXCLUSIVE| Morsi received proper medical care: source


Mon, 17 Jun 2019 - 05:20 GMT

FILE - Former President Mohamed Morsi

FILE - Former President Mohamed Morsi

CAIRO - 17 June 2019: Mohamed Morsi, leader of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group who died on Monday, had been treated properly and legally inside prison, and had received the required medical care, a source told Egypt Today.

The source said that the health condition of Morsi had been checked periodically by doctors.

Morsi died on Monday in court after the conclusion of a trial session as he was charged of espionage for Hamas.

Morsi had asked to talk and the judge gave him the permission, as reported by Extra News.

After the trial session was over, Morsi passed out in court, and later died. The body was transferred to the hospital and the necessary procedures are being finalized.

Since 2013, Morsi was being prosecuted in custody as he was facing several charges, including espionage, killing protesters, prison escape, and judiciary insult.

In 2015, Morsi was sentenced to death in the jailbreak lawsuit. A year later, the sentence was cancelled by the Court of Cassation. In 2017, Morsi was handed three years in prison for judiciary insult.

In 2016, Morsi was given a life sentence in an espionage lawsuit as he was charged of spying for Qatar. A year later, the sentence was upheld by the Court of Cassation.

Morsi was also serving a final 20-year prison sentence for killing protesters.



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