Scorching heat wave - File photo Scorching heat wave - File photo

Experts warn of blistering heat wave; temperature to hit 44°C

Mon, May. 20, 2019
CAIRO - 20 May 2019: Meteorological experts said that the country will witness another scorching heat wave as of Tuesday and will last until the weekend, with peak temperature hitting 44°C.

A gradual increase in temperature will be witnessed starting on Tuesday, recording highs of 39°C and lows of 21°C. Cairo will see highs of 42°C on Wednesday.

Egypt's Head of the Meteorological Authority's Analysis Center Mahmoud Shaheen warned of the heat wave, advising citizens to drink abundant amount of water and liquids during the Iftar (breaking the fast meal) and the suhur (pre-dawn meal), avoid direct exposure to the sun, salty foods and to cover their heads outdoors to avoid sun strokes.

Temperature degrees went high during the past week, recording up to 40°C -42°C during the day in Cairo. The weather then relented over the past couple of days with the temperature dropping by 4°C-5°C.
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