First model of 1,300 railcars to be delivered in 5 months


Mon, 08 Apr 2019 - 11:33 GMT

 Free Great Picture/Max Pixel

Free Great Picture/Max Pixel

CAIRO - 8 April 2019: The first model of railcars to be supplied by the Russian-Hungarian consortium will arrive in Egypt in five months to be tested as the model is scheduled to be endorsed by the end of this year.

The consortium led by Transmashholding, which is the largest manufacturer of locomotives and rail equipment in Russia, will deliver 1,300 passenger cars worth $22 billion.

The breakdown is 800 third-class air-conditioned cars, 180 second-class air-conditioned cars, 90 first-class air-conditioned cars, 30 air-conditioned dining cars, and 500 third-class dynamic-ventilation cars.

The service of third-class air conditioned cars will be introduced for the first time ever in Egypt once the delivery is made.



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