Withdrawal of Huriyati’s controversial issue



Thu, 04 Apr 2019 - 05:52 GMT


Thu, 04 Apr 2019 - 05:52 GMT

FILE- Actors Khaled Abol Naga and Amr Waked

FILE- Actors Khaled Abol Naga and Amr Waked

CAIRO – 4 April 2019: The National Press Agency (NPA) carried out a detailed investigation with Huriyati magazine’s editor-in-chief for publishing an improper cover with sexual implications in the issue released in March, 31.

This was followed by an urgent meeting to discuss the investigations’ results and take the suitable decisions.

The improper cover violates the media charters of honor, articles of law, hurts the public’s feelings, incites hatred and racism and distracts the public's attention.

NPA listened to the editor-in-chief and discussed procedures to be taken by the Press Syndicate to withdraw the controversial issue from the market.

NPA warned Huriyati’s editor-in-chief against repeating such mistakes and urged him to stick to professional values and principles.

Huriyati’s last issue published a picture of Egyptian actors Amr Waked and Khaled Abul Naga on the cover where the latter put his naked arm over the shoulder of Waked in an improper position.

Lawyer of the Supreme Constitutional Court Tarek Mahmoud issued an official warning to Makram Mohamed Ahmed as chairman of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, demanding an urgent decision to stop broadcasting works of fugitives Amr Waked and Khaled Abul Naga.

This came in light of Abul Naga and Waked's announcements “defaming” Egypt in the American Congress and requesting foreign intervention in the Egyptian internal affairs. Both “fugitives” published false news and made incorrect statements about the country's internal situation.



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