Everyone has a story to tell, be it a successful business deal or just a funny encounter on the way to work - Oppo Everyone has a story to tell, be it a successful business deal or just a funny encounter on the way to work - Oppo

The Power of Portrait: Who’s your hero?

Thu, Apr. 4, 2019
Everyone has a story to tell, be it a successful business deal or just a funny encounter on the way to work. Stories are a constant part of our lives, we use them to inspire, guide or entertain those around us. We are the heroes of our own stories but the constant struggle of making our dreams come true makes us lose sight of that fact.

OPPO is using this movement and translating it into a campaign that brings people closer and inspires them to keep going by showing them that they are not alone. No matter how different you are, no matter how different your dream is, OPPO gives people a new way to speak their minds, share their dreams, inspiration and stories. A way to not only show us how different our dreams are, but also how alike we are, through the Power of Portrait.

OPPO featured young Egyptian talents Zap Tharwat and Huda El-Mufti, as well as several other people thriving to fulfill their dreams, who shared their sleepless nights' stories, and how they are the heroes of their own story. Just like most Egyptian youth, Tharwat and El-Mufti spent countless nights trying to fulfill their dreams. Batool Al-Daawi experienced several long nights with Huda Al-Muftti and ZAP Tharwat capturing their portraits and their stories while working hard to achieve their dreams, and for Batool achieving her own dream through photography.



El-Mufti shared her experience with us "I worked hard on myself to develop and constantly improve. I spent several nights trying, and took my first steps towards my goal to become an actress. I will continue working hard until I fulfill my dream!"

As for Tharwat, "I always record at night. Usually, during the daytime I work on producing my music and at night I record. The best part of what I do is my conversations with people on the street, working hard on my writing, and the long hours in the studio. My main motive behind writing new songs is telling a story I’ve seen in the busy streets of Cairo. This is my main drive to produce new songs."Today, ZAP Tharwat is a poet and rapper from Egypt who rose to fame in 2011. Born Ahmed Tharwat in Jordan, his songs tackle many of the social problems faced by Egyptians in the second decade of the 21st century.

As for Huda Al- Mufti, the rising star, she pursued her dream 5 years ago in modeling and then later in acting. She has appeared in several movies with famous actors including Yousra and Adel Emam. She is highly self-motivated and is responsible for the execution and planning of her endeavors.

For Al- Mufti and Tharwat, their hard work and sleepless nights are paying off and already they are the heroes of their own stories. They’re not the only ones experiencing sleepless nights to expand their dreams and already on the way to being heroes of their own dreams, this includes Farida Sallem, the football player, Youssef Fawzy, the Saxophonist, Dina Akladios the DJ and Khadiga Al-Arkan the Choreographer.

So tell us what’s your story? Share your story and get the chance to win an F11 phone with OPPO.

One of the primary aims of the new F11 Pro is to capture the ‘hero of the story’ in a different way with the advanced features of the Power of Portrait. OPPO’s push towards mastering portrait is driven by its aspiration to gain recognition in the industry, not only in terms of performing well in the market, but also gaining recognition from industry media by being at the forefront of innovations. With their new F11 Pro, OPPO are using advanced camera features such as ‘The Portrait Master’ to help capture the stories of the people who work through long nights. Since the launch of OPPO’s first F-series device, they have set a high bar for taking portraits on smartphones. And have continued to raise this bar with each new device.

Here are some testimonials from other dream makers.

Farida Sallem the football player expressed, “Every time I pass by a huge soccer field, I count the number of girls playing and I always hope to find more than one … but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. I take that negative energy and convert it into motivation that keeps me going. Never lose hope, find your own motivation, and just keep doing what you love.”


Youssef Fawzy the Saxophonist said, “Four years ago, I decided to give up everything for music. I used to study every day and then go play saxophone in the street so people would know me. Step by step I started playing in small parties and big ones. And this is just my beginning…”


Dina Akladios the DJ said, “It’s not easy for a girl to work and achieve all her dreams in our country. This is why I decided to take this challenge and prove to myself and everyone that I CAN DO IT! It wasn’t easy; I took a lot of courses, trainings and night time work, and I’m still taking on more to develop and become better at what I love to do.”


Khadiga Al-Arkan the Choreographer said, “I knew at a very young age that Choreography was my passion & I was not willing to give up on achieving this dream. I was blessed to be supported by my family, friends, & instructors. Started taking many workshops with international Choreographers and bit by bit I saw my dream coming to reality. I am now a professional Choreographer and instructor. I performed in front of thousands of people, started Choreographing several commercials and video clips, and became a main Hip Hop Choreographer instructor at a very reputable Gym & Fitness Center in Egypt. I am still learning and growing, hungry for more and will never stop."


OPPO F11 Pro with 48 MP rising camera, will capture your important moments and keep your memories, even and especially those in low light.

The OPPO F11 Pro has two gradient color options: Thunder Black and Aurora Green. Thunder Black features the first triple-color gradient design. Blending red and blue into classic black, like a meteor streaking across the night sky, it creates a unique feeling. Aurora Green is created by adopting the double-color gradient design. It is inspired by the view of the earth from space, with its vibrant blue oceans interwoven with lush green continents, blue and green blend together into one, and when exposed to dynamic light, it radiates a distinct vitality.

From high-definition selfies to beauty selfies, from a metal body design to a gradient color design, and from extremely thin bezels to a Waterdrop Screen, the F-series devices have consistently integrated fashionable designs into portrait-shooting smartphones. This is OPPO’s story, tell us your story through a portrait on #حكاياتك_بعيون_جديدة and OPPO will tell it to the world and will give you the chance to win the new OPPOF11.#حكاياتك_بعيون_جديدة #OPPO #OPPOF11 #OPPOF11Pro

Everyone has a story to tell, be it a successful business deal or just a funny encounter on the way to work.







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