Arab leaders pose for a picture at the 30th Arab Summit in Tunis- press photo
Arab leaders pose for a picture at the 30th Arab Summit in Tunis- press photo

Palestinian, Golan issues a top Saudi Arabia’s concerns: Saudi king

Sun, Mar. 31, 2019
CAIRO – 31 March 2019: “Palestinian issue will remain at the top of Saudi Arabia's concerns until the Palestinian people get their legitimate rights, namelythe establishment of an independent state on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital,” said Saudi King Salman bin AbdulAziz Al-Saud.

This came at the opening session of the 30th Arab Summit in Tunis Sunday.

The Saudi kingstressed hisabsolute rejection of any measures that harm Syria's sovereignty over the Golan, stressing the importance of reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis that guarantees Syria's security, unity and sovereignty andpreventsforeign interference.

On the Yemeni issue, King Salman stressed he supportsthe United Nations' efforts to reach a political solution. "We call on the international community to compel the Huthi-backed militias to cease their aggressive practices that have caused the suffering of the Yemeni people and threaten the security and stability of the region."

With regard to the Libyan crisis, King Salman stressed Saudi Arabia's keenness on preserving Libya's unity and territorial integrity and supporting the efforts of the United Nations to reach a political solution to achieve security and stability in Libya.

King Salman thanked the Tunisian Republic, led by President BéjiKayedSibsi, for hosting the 2019 Arab Summit.

The 30th Arab League Summit chaired by Tunisia which succeeds the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia kicked off on Sunday in Tunis and will be attended by 13 heads of state.

The summit’s agenda includes 20 topics. The main ones are the developments of the Palestinian cause, the status of Syria, Yemen, and Libya, and the recent U.S. president’s decision on the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights.
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