President El-Sisi, Nigerian counterpart discuss bilateral relations - CC President El-Sisi, Nigerian counterpart discuss bilateral relations - CC

Sisi congratulates Nigerian president on re-election

Wed, Mar. 6, 2019
CAIRO – 6 March 2019: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi sent a congratulatory message to his Nigerian counterpart President Mohammad Buhari for his re-election for a new presidential term, wishing him good luck, according to a statement issued by presidential spokesperson Bassam Radi Tuesday.

Radi's statement added that President Sisi praised the strong Egyptian-Nigerian relations and the keenness of the two countries to promote joint cooperation.

Nigerian voters re-elected Buhari to serve a second and final term in office as president of the largest African country in terms of population and economy.

In September 2018, the presidential aide for national and strategic projects, Sherif Ismail, delivered a message from President Sisi to his Nigerian counterpart Buhari.

In his message, Sisi stressed the importance of boosting bilateral relations in all fields, Egyptian Ambassador in Nigeria Abuja Assem Hanafy said in a statement.

President Buhari has long been respected as a non-corrupt and committed president to fighting the settler evil that is eating away on Nigeria.
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