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For hugging: Two academic students deprived form studying

Mon, Jan. 14, 2019
CAIRO – 13 January 2019: The two-year suspension imposed on a student of Al-Azhar University over appearing in a Video hugging her boyfriend inside Al-Mansora University was commuted to one semester (four months), said Al-Azhar University President deputy Ashraf al-Bedeiwy.

The decision of suspension was taken after the video went viral on social media, showing her boyfriend (Mahmoud) was providing her a bunch of flower and went down on one knee as if he was asking to marry her.

When the girl, who is studying Islamic studies at the al-Azhar, accepted his offer, he hugged her at al-Mansoura University (Delta), where the boy studies Law.

Also, the boy’s study was also suspended for two years by a decision from Al-Masnour University on Monday.

“I did know that the girl and I were filmed…I did not know that this incident will bring me troubles,” Mahmoud told Egypt Today.

Chairman of Al-Azhar University Mohammad al-Maharsawi said in a press statement that what the girl did undermines "the values of Al-Azhar, the community and the university."

Additional reporting by Fathyia al-Deeb
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