Parliament is biased to people’s will … Egypt is looking to find truth in Regini case: Par. Spox


Thu, 10 Jan 2019 - 04:37 GMT

FILE - Parliamentarian Salah Hasb-Allah

FILE - Parliamentarian Salah Hasb-Allah

CAIRO - 10 January 2019: Salah Hasb-Allah, the Parliamentarian Spokesperson, held a press conference Thursday in Parliament, with the participation of the national and foreign media to display the parliament achievements over the last three years.

Hasb-Allah revealed that the legislative achievements of the parliament and its role in backing government facing all plots the government and Parliament undergo.

Ali Abdel Aal, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, also displayed the effective role of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to manage all obstacles and barricades regarding the regional and international issues.

The press conference included the discussion of several axes, most prominently the rejection of reconciliation with Brotherhood and carrying over the Transitional Justice project.

“We postpone carrying out the Transitional Justice Project, which meets the needs of citizens,” Abdel Aal stated, adding, “ If you make a survey asking people about their opinions in the Transitional Justice Project and find five citizens who know about it, I will place it immediately on top of my priority list.”

“There are other draft laws that are much more significant to be discussed and carried out than the Transitional Justice Project that aims at reconcile with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood,” he assured.

Parliament has postponed because the Egyptian people reject a reconciliation with the brotherhood. “No one owns the right to speak for the Egyptians we are all serving their needs,” Abdel Aal said.

“This terrorist entity does its best to undermine Egypt and to breakdown social, economic and political reform,” Abdel Aal reported.

Concerning amending constitution, Adel Aal assured, “We receive no request to amend constitution,” adding that in case of receiving such request, they will discuss it within the set criteria.

Abdel Aal further stated, “Constitution is set by the Egyptians and it is owned by the Egyptians and no one can amend it without the consent of the Egyptian people.”

Regarding Regini’s case Abdel Aal said, “We want to find out the truth not to invent it; assuring we investigate in this case coordinating with the Italian police.”

“Regini’s Case is under the political leaders and the Egyptian Parliament spot to find out the murder circumstances. We have to set it clear; there is no hidden evidence we investigate it and we will reveal all details at the suitable time.” Abdel Aal reported.

Adding, “The Egyptian-Italian relationship is deep and coherent; assuring communication between the Italian Parliament and it Egyptian Peer is persistent. We are going to meet soon.”



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