UK prepares report revealing danger of Brotherhood’s activities


Mon, 19 Nov 2018 - 08:46 GMT

MP Tarek El-Kholy – File photo

MP Tarek El-Kholy – File photo

CAIRO - 19 November 2018: The UK government prepared a report on the status of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Party within the British community and the danger of their activities, Member of Parliament Tarek al-Kholy told Egypt Today Sunday, November 18.

Kholy pointed out that that France and Germany are also reviewing the Brotherhood's status, adding that the world is recognising Egypt’s role more and more and its active efforts in protecting the region from the MB’s danger.

Kholy assured Egypt’s support to political diversity, stressing that the Brotherhood was akin to a thorn in Egypt’s development before it was plucked.

Since June 2013, the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group targeted the Egyptian Christian community with a number of orchestrated assaults with the ultimate goal of creating an internal religious conflict between Egyptians.

The group’s leaders incited their followers, or sent their operatives, to persecute people in their homes, shops, schools, and even within the sacred confines of churches throughout the country.

According to statistics, since the beginning of the Muslim Brotherhood's full-scale campaign of terror against civilians, some 42 churches and Christian properties were attacked across Egypt, leaving tens of Egyptian Christians killed or injured and destroying dozens of churches and other valuable buildings.



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