World Youth Forum reveals phone application for forum


Sat, 03 Nov 2018 - 04:59 GMT

A screenshot of the application on Adroid

A screenshot of the application on Adroid

CAIRO – 3 November 2018: The World Youth Forum (WYF) has launched a mobile phone application to enable participants to reach their session easier and help participants organize their schedule. The application also has an interactive chat feature to enable participants to talk to someone who can help them in case any issue is to arise.

Egypt Today presents the most important features available in the application:

1- The ability to identify participants and speak to them through the application’s chatting feature.

2- Find people who have the same interests and beliefs and communicate with them.

3- Get information and notifications on sessions before they start.

4- View schedules and explore what each session will discuss.

5- Find about key information about speakers.

6- The application allows participants to comments and ask questions during sessions.

7- Send notifications in case of any changes and updates.

The WYF in its second annual version will tackle two main axes: peace and development.

The first axis will discuss reconstructing post-conflict countries and societies, the role of world leaders in achieving peace, the duty of the international community to provide humanitarian assistance, counter-terrorism issues, and Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

The theme of the development will include topics related to energy and water security, empowerment of people with disabilities, the role of voluntary work in building societies, the agenda of 2063 African Sustainable Development, digital citizenship, the role of art and cinema in shaping communities, ways to build future leaders, and the means of shrinking the gender gap in the work force.

An Arab-African Summit Simulation Model will be held on the sidelines of the Forum, as was recommended during the African Union Simulation Model held in May 2018 as part of the activation of the recommendations of the 2017 World Youth Forum.

The first edition of the World Youth Forum was launched from Nov. 4-10, 2017 in Sharm el-Sheikh. It was attended by 3,200 participants from 113 countries. The forum was a platform for 222 speakers from 64 countries with expertise in various fields, gathered in 46 sessions.

In the 2017 edition, the participating leaders and experts discussed various international and regional issues, including crises of migration and refugees, democracy and human rights, African stability and development, and globalization and cultural identity, as well as the technology and social media and their impact on the population.



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