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Alexandrian girl disallowed from marrying partner sets herself on fire

Sun, Aug. 19, 2018
CAIRO – 19 August 2018: An 18-year-old Alexandrian girl set herself on fire after parents disapproved of her marriage to her partner, starting a fire that burned the whole apartment.

Initial inspection revealed that the girl set herself on fire after she had doused herself with diesel. It further revealed that her grandfather, who happened to pop in to visit the family, had a heart stroke upon seeing the flames rising up from the apartment.

The body of the victim was later transferred to the hospital’s forensic unit.

Alexandria’s security directorate was notified of the accident and immediate investigations were ordered to be launched.

During an investigation, the brother of the said girl said that her sister was apparently going through distress before attempting to kill herself and that her psychological state was at its worst.
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