An overview for the Nile River in Cairo/ Hossam Atef An overview for the Nile River in Cairo/ Hossam Atef

Slight decline in temperatures on Saturday, Cairo 35°C

Sat, Jul. 28, 2018
CAIRO – 28 July 2018: Egypt’s Meteorological Authority expected fair climate over Egypt’s Northern Coasts, with a slight decline in temperatures over the country. The capital will see highs of 35 degrees Celsius (°C) and lows of 26°C.

Clouds are low in northern Egypt. Winds are moderate northeasterly, active in the Western coasts of the country and the Gulf of Suez, which may cause a disturbance in navigation there.

The Red Sea’s wavelength will vary between mild to volatile, with a wavelength of 1.5 meters to two meters, and northwesterly surface winds.

The Mediterranean Sea will be moderate, with a wavelength of 1.5 to two meters and northwesterly surface winds.

Following is the weather forecast in some governorates (in degrees Celsius):

Cairo: 36°C - 26°C

Alexandria: 31°C - 23°C

Luxor: 42°C - 28°C

Aswan: 43°C - 29°C

Qena: 41°C - 28°C

Hurghada: 38°C - 29°C

Sharm El-Sheikh: 38°C - 30°C

Al-Minya: 37°C - 26°C

Suez: 36°C - 25°C

Halayeb: 36°C - 31°C

Shalateen: 40°C - 29°C
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