Egypt's House speaker congratulates gov't on winning vote of confidence


Wed, 25 Jul 2018 - 01:46 GMT

FILE: Speaker of the Parliament – Ali Abdel Aal

FILE: Speaker of the Parliament – Ali Abdel Aal

CAIRO - 25 July 2018: Speaker of the House of Representatives Ali Abdel Aal on Wednesday congratulated the government of Mostafa Madbouli on winning a vote of confidence, wishing it success in implementing its policy statement to achieve the best interests of Egyptians.

Speaking after the parliament granted the government a vote of confidence, Abdel Aal asserted the necessity that the government put into effect its executive programs to move from the phase of "stabilizing the state" to the phase of "bearing the fruits".

He also voiced thanks for the ad hoc committee which was assigned to make a comprehensive report on the government's policy statement, noting that all the lawmakers with their various orientations have been united on floating proposals and solutions that take into consideration improving the living standards of the Egyptian citizens.

After granting the government a vote of confidence, Abdel Aal expressed his thanks and appreciation to members of the Parliament and the parliamentary committee assigned to probe the government's policy statement.

He wished the new government, led by Mostafa Madbouli all success in achieving its mission in order to reach comprehensive development and progress in the country.

The parliamentary committee's report called for the need to increase preemptive strikes against terror and to tighten security on borders.

The committee also called for the need to complete the surveillance cameras system, confront propaganda by terrorist groups and prevent terrorists from making use of information technology, asserting full support to President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi's rational and sound management of the Millennium Dam file with the aim of reaching water security.

Protecting water resources is one of the most important issues facing Egypt as some 96% of these resources come from outside the Egyptian borders, the committee asserted in its report as well as Egypt does not stand against any development project in any of its fellow Nile Basin countries but seeks to help these countries as long as their projects do not harm it and its water resources particularly the Rive Nile, it reported.

The committee also stressed the need to rationalize the use of water and to develop the national infrastructure of irrigation and sanitation to reduce waste.

It called for reducing plantations that require large quantities of water, to expand the irrigation system in farming, to use the most modern irrigation systems and to plant new species of plants that require less water and yield higher output.

Egypt should play a pioneering role at the regional, Arab and international levels through balanced international relations, the committee said, explaining that foreign policy is one of the basic elements in reaching national security.

The committee asserted rejection of all Israeli measures that aim to Judaize the holy city of Jerusalem and stressed that Libya is part of Egypt's national security. The committee welcomed the government's vision as regards settling the Syrian crisis politically and welcomed its stand toward the Yemeni crisis and the continued support to the Gulf security.

The committee called for intensifying efforts to restore and revive Egypt's pioneering role at all levels particularly in the Arab world.

It praised the "building the Egyptian human being" axis in the policy statement which depends on four executive programs aimed at exerting efforts to enhance the cultural identity of the Egyptian citizen.

The committee recommended activating the role played by cultural institutions, media awareness programs on cultural values and heritage, spreading the culture of science and innovation, developing children's culture and enhancing the education system and scientific research.

The committee called for spreading the culture of practicing sports, increasing training sessions to discover young talents and increasing the number of sports facilities.

It also recommended providing integrated health care and upgrading health services at all levels.

The committee called for preparing a comprehensive strategy for financial inclusiveness which includes determining targeted numbers and drawing up timetables and mechanisms. Spreading banking awareness among clients to get them acquainted with electronic banking is also recommended according to the committee.

The committee called for the state control of its land and the need to put these lands up for sale at fair prices instead of leaving it for squat practices.

The committee also called for putting into effect the comprehensive health insurance law particularly as regards the establishment of new authorities.

It stressed the need to keep the health treatment at the state expense system until the comprehensive health insurance system is fully implemented. It is also necessary to prove additional support to guarantee its continuation and improve services, it said.

The committee recommended that Egypt becomes a hub for marketing petroleum products and developing the mineral wealth sector with the aim of increasing the state revenues.

The committee also called for developing the golden triangle area in Upper Egypt to establish an international-standard industrial zone.

It praised the policy statement as regards increasing tax revenues to reach 1.160 trillion Egyptian pounds by 2022 after the government has presented a sub program on improving tax collection, digitizing government services at real estate tax and customs authorities and improving the system of collecting general taxes.

The committee said it sees that the tax revenues are a key source of the country's public revenues and believes that promoting public revenues depends of reforming the taxation and customs systems. It is also necessary to resort to non-traditional sources of revenues and not to depend solely on taxes to avoid their negative impact on investment and the society at large given the fact that increased tax constraints lead to price hikes and lower living standards.

The committee recommended improving work environment and encouraging labor-intensive activities particularly in the sectors of agriculture, industry, construction and services.

The committee also recommended developing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and facilitating measures in this respect. It recommended as well supporting internal and external marketing of these projects.

It urged supporting poor families and called for the need to have the private sector play a role in social solidarity programs and to control prices to protect the citizens.

It pointed out to the need to increase retail outlets of basic commodities in various governorates and to ensure that subsidies reach those who are really in need.



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