FILE - Policemen protesting in Damanhour, Beheira (2015) FILE - Policemen protesting in Damanhour, Beheira (2015)

4 policemen detained for providing drug dealers with information

Sat, Jul. 21, 2018
CAIRO - 21 July 2018: The West Cairo Prosecution ordered on Saturday the detention of two policemen for four days as they are undergoing investigation for providing drug dealers with information on security campaigns in return for bribes, according to Al Shorouk newspaper.

On the other hand, the detention of 13 policemen, who were arrested in April, was extended for 45 days. They are accused of leaking security information to 12 drug dealers who were paying them monthly. All of the aforementioned policemen were working in Al Amireya Police Station.

Two policemen including an officer have been charged with beating Mohamed Abdel Hakim (A.K.A Afroto) to death. Interrogations show that Afroto, accused by the police of abusing drugs, was illegally kept in custody.

According to the prosecution’s decision, policeman Mohamed A., is accused of pushing down Afroto, while the other defendant, police officer Mohamed S., is accused of kicking him in the chest, causing him the injuries cited in a former forensic report. In its statement, the prosecution accused both policemen of beating the victim to death without the intention to kill him.

A former forensic report revealed that the cause of Afroto’s death was an internal bleeding caused by a broken rib, and a laceration in the left lung due to a severe hit on a solid object. The report, thus, contradicts some police allegations that Afroto died due to a drug overdose.

Dozens of people demonstrated in January 2017 in front of Al-Mokattam police station after the death of Afroto. A total of 102 demonstrators were subsequently arrested and accused by the court of damaging public and private property in violent demonstrations against the police.

The defendants face charges of attacking the Mokattam police station and the Mokattam Specialized Hospital. They are also accused of damaging public and private property, and taking part in illegal demonstrations. Nine policemen were reportedly injured during the attacks.

Hadayek police station’s case

In June 2018, the head of the Investigations Unit at Hadayek Al-Kobba police station, his assistant and another four policemen were ordered to be remanded for additional 15 days pending investigation, over the death of a suspect in custody.

The General Prosecution ordered the arrest of four policemen in Hadayek Al-Kobba police station over accusations of torturing Ahmed S., 39, in custody until death, according to media reports.

The West Cairo Prosecution also ordered the detention of the head of the Investigations Unit of the police station and his assistant for four days pending investigation for unlawfully detaining the victim and treating him in an inhumane way that resulted in his death.

The victim was arrested over accusations of stealing critical files from a firm specialized in legal consultations. The defendant denied the accusations.
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