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Heat wave expected to relent Tuesday, Cairo sees 36°C

Sun, Jul. 8, 2018
CAIRO – 8 July 2018: A heat wave witnessed across Egypt is expected to relent as of Tuesday, and the temperature expected to drop by around three degree Celsius.

Different governorates have felt a hot weather on Sunday, with the temperature recording highs of 39 °C in Cairo.

A moderate weather is felt on the North western coasts Sunday, and recorded higher degrees on the eastern coasts.

Ahmed Abdel Aal, the head of Egyptian Meteorological Authority, said that the hot weather is expected to continue, and the temperature will rise by two to three degree with high humidity Celsius on Sunday and Monday.

A gradual decrease in temperature will begin on Tuesday, Abdel Aal said, adding that Cairo will see highs of 36°C.
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