“All of us are one” initiative launched by the Ministry of Interior



Sat, 30 Jun 2018 - 09:52 GMT


Sat, 30 Jun 2018 - 09:52 GMT

The assistant of Interior minister, General Anwar Saiid holds a meeting with the owners of food companies to discuss reducing prices of main products – File Photo

The assistant of Interior minister, General Anwar Saiid holds a meeting with the owners of food companies to discuss reducing prices of main products – File Photo

CAIRO – 30 June 2018: The Ministry of Interior Affairs launched on Friday the “All of Us are One” initiative aiming to reduce prices. They agreed with the owners of supermarkets to cut the prices of main products by 30 percent at least.

This initiative came upon instructions from the new Interior Minister Mahmoud Tawfik to ease the burden on citizens. Generals of Interior Ministry held a meeting with the main traders to discuss means of reducing prices of necessity products.

Egyptian citizens hailed the initiative and the ministry’s efforts when companies cut prices.

The newly-appointed minister has held a meeting with his assistants to make sure to highlight around 15 significant security messages within the ministry’s plan to fight crime and extremism:

- Security breakthroughs and efforts contributed to the stability of Egypt’s streets and set the country once more on the track of development through the achievement of numerous projects and economy plans.

- It is a top priority for the Interior Ministry and all of its authorities to boost the confidence and trust of citizens.

- The ministry seeks to support the relation between citizens and police personnel in a way that preserves the rights of citizens.

- The ministry also pays special attention to upgrade and develop the public services it introduces to citizens.

- Security policies that are laid by the ministry and the country’s security authorities will remain in effect, coinciding with the latest regional developments and the recent challenges that might stand in the way of development, especially terrorism.

- The ministry will be carrying out security plans to secure the country and hinder extremists and terrorists from being able to carry out their objectives.

- Proactive strikes will follow against terrorist cells and elements in order to foil their plans and schemes, while severely punishing whoever seeks the destabilization of Egypt or to threaten the safety of its people.

- Field follow-ups will check on various sectors of the ministry in order to seek actual and practical solutions for any difficulties or security cases.

- The ministry will also intensify its security campaigns in order to bring down outlaws and criminals and ensure the safety of Egypt’s streets.

- Upgrading and developing training methods and practices will be of a great value to security forces in their fights against crime.

- The ministry spares no effort in providing all the requirements to develop and enhance the security performance.

- The ministry will also be providing extra care for police personnel and employees and their needs.

- Egyptians served a magnificent example in unity and solidarity for the sake of the country through supporting forces of the police and the army in the way against terrorism and enemies of progression.



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