Palestinian Resistance hails Egypt’s stance on Gaza



Wed, 30 May 2018 - 08:21 GMT


Wed, 30 May 2018 - 08:21 GMT

Photos of banners with Sisi on them and "Thank You Egypt" and "Long live Egypt" in Gaza, May 20, 2018 - Egypt Today

Photos of banners with Sisi on them and "Thank You Egypt" and "Long live Egypt" in Gaza, May 20, 2018 - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 30 May 2018: Mohamed al-Barim Abu Mujahid, spokesperson for the Palestinian Resistance Committees, hailed Egypt on Tuesday for standing with Gaza, saying that Egypt’s continued communications and efforts have helped to ease the situation in Palestine.

In statements to media outlets on May 29, Abu Mujahid added that Egypt’s decision to open the Rafah border crossing since the beginning of the crisis has been a great aid for Gazans under Israeli siege.

“All of us are determined not to allow any Israeli attack against us without a firm response. We will not accept any kind of violence anymore,” Abu Mujahid said.

On May 18, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi ordered to keep the Rafah crossing with Gaza open for the entire month of Ramadan.

Since the Gaza rallies began on March 30, more than 100 Palestinian demonstrators have been martyred by the Israeli army.

Egypt has been exerting constant efforts to support the Palestinians and bring peace to the Gaza Strip, where Palestinians are killed by the Israeli forces along the Gaza-Israel fence.

The Egyptian leader has ordered the relevant authorities to keep the crossing open to ease some of the burdens of the Gaza Strip residents.

Keeping the crossing open will allow the passage of diesel fuel, construction materials, food and medicine.

“I issued directives to take the necessary measures to keep the Rafah border crossing open throughout the holy month of Ramadan in a bid to relieve some of the burdens suffered by our brothers in the Gaza Strip,” Sisi posted on Facebook and Twitter.

The Palestinian embassy in Cairo expressed its gratitude for President Sisi “for opening the Rafah border crossing throughout Ramadan and for his continuous efforts to ease the burdens of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip,” a statement said on May 18.

“This highly appreciated step is considered a good initiative by President Sisi and the Egyptian leadership in the holy month of Ramadan,” the statement added.

On May 22, Egypt sent aid and medical convoys to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which was received gladly by the Palestinian side with signs and banners that read “Terrorism has no religion...Together we will fight it.”



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