Businessman kills his own family, suicide for financial crisis



Sun, 06 May 2018 - 05:50 GMT


Sun, 06 May 2018 - 05:50 GMT

Tow of the victims, Mohamed (L) & Nourhan (R) who were found killed at Rehab city on Sunday May 6, 2018

Tow of the victims, Mohamed (L) & Nourhan (R) who were found killed at Rehab city on Sunday May 6, 2018

CAIRO - 6 May 2018: The city of El Rehab witnessed a horrific murder earlier on Sunday, where police found a 5-member family killed in the upscale superb in New Cairo.

The initial investigation suggested that the father, a businessman called Emad, 56, has killed his two sons, Mohamed, 22, and Abdel Rahman, 18, his daughter, Nourhan, 20, his wife, Wafaa, 43, and then killed himself with a 9 mm gun inside a villa at El Rehab city.

The daughter, Nourhan 20 years old

Eyewitnesses reported to the police hearing a gunshot inside the rented villa, saying that they knew that the father is experiencing a financial crisis, as he was three months late for paying the villa’s rent.

“When police arrived, they found the wife laid in the kitchen with a bullet in her neck, the older son on the doorstep; apparently he was trying to escape the gunfire, the other two bodies laid by the stairs, while the father’s body laid in the center of the house with the gun beside his hand,” an eyewitness told Egypt Today.

Mohamed, 22 years old

Neighbors of the victims affirmed that the youngest son was a special need, denying a violent behavior of the father who suffered from a recent financial crisis after witnessing heavy losses in his business.

“The whole family is known for their good behavior and reputation,” a relative of the family stated, saying that they were in high spirits, despite the financial crisis they were going through. “He is a kind-hearted man; he can’t even harm an ant!”

Police inspection of the crime scene affirmed that the bodies were found away from blood spots, which means they tried to flee the scene.

Police investigations also claimed that the father is involved in forgery crimes; he took about LE 1.5 million from citizens, and failed to return the benefits he promised, which made him hide away in this rented villa.

Further investigations are carried out to unveil the ambiguity of the crime, as police work on checking the surveillance cameras of the surrounding buildings and the fingerprints inside the villa.

Police cordon around the crime scene



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