Kafr el-Sheikh governor’s elections remarks draw criticism



Sat, 31 Mar 2018 - 05:19 GMT


Sat, 31 Mar 2018 - 05:19 GMT

FILE- Governor of Kafr Al Sheikh Sayeed Nasr

FILE- Governor of Kafr Al Sheikh Sayeed Nasr

CAIRO – 31 March 2018: A petition campaign was recently launched in the governorate of Kafr el-Sheikh to sack Governor Al-Sayed Ibrahim Nasr over his televised remarks on the election boycotters.

During his televised interview with TV satellite channel Al-A’sema (The Capital) on Wednesday, Nasr was requested to send out a message to those who boycotted the presidential election that concluded Thursday. He responded with a series of offensive words, referring to them as good-for-nothing type of people.

Lawyer Mohamed Gaber, co-founder of the petition campaign, told the press that the governor’s remarks are considered a slap in the face of every free man, criticizing what he described as the “low performance” of the governor. “The governor’s offensive remarks are the last straw, and the signatures shall be submitted later to the Cabinet, the presidency or the Ministry of Local Development,” Gaber added.

According to Tahrir News, Abdel Hamid El Sayeed, a citizen from Kafr el-Sheikh, said that the governor’s remarks were the reason he boycotted the election.

He stated that he was not able to make it to the polling stations to cast his vote on the first and second day of voting due to work-related reasons, adding that he was going to go out and vote on the third day but got fed up with the remarks of the governor and decided not to go out.

MP Ibrahim Al Kasas, member of Parliament’s National Defense and Security Committee, told Egypt Today on Saturday that the governor’s speech was meant to be addressed only to the terrorist elements and their supporters inside and outside the country.

“I have criticized the governor many times over some previous decisions, but some projects that I have criticized him for were found out later to be really positive and contribute to the development of the governorate,” Kasas explained. He further added that Kafr el-Sheikh was one of the governorates that saw the highest rates of voting.

Official figures for Kafr El-Sheikh showed that 969,434 voted in the election out of 2,124,427 registered voters – a turnout of 45.6% – with President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi receiving 910,810 votes, while Moussa Moustafa Moussa received only 23,673 votes. The invalid votes recorded 34,951. Kafr el-Sheikh has 14 main polling stations and 578 sub-polling stations.

There are 59.78 million eligible voters in Egypt distributed over 13,706 sub-polling stations.

According to preliminary results, Sisi was re-elected with a landslide victory against Ghad Party candidate Moussa Moustafa Moussa. Initial figures showed that 21,088,295 voted for Sisi in polling stations across Egypt, excluding several stations in Cairo and Giza, while Moussa gathered 682,797 votes.



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