30 terrorists referred to Supreme State Security Emergency Court


Wed, 21 Mar 2018 - 03:36 GMT

Islamic State-affiliated Sinai Province terrorists in North Sinai. (photo credit: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS/ARAB MEDIA)

Islamic State-affiliated Sinai Province terrorists in North Sinai. (photo credit: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS/ARAB MEDIA)

CAIRO – 21 March 2018: Attorney General Nabil Sadek referred 30 individuals to the Supreme State Security Emergency Court on Tuesday on charges of forming a terrorist group espousing ISIS takfiri ideas.

In light of inquiries submitted by the National Security sector at the Ministry of Interior, the Supreme State Security Prosecution launched an investigation to identify the members of the organization and arrest them. Weapons, explosive devices and ammunition were seized with the accused.

The investigation conducted by the Supreme State Security Prosecution revealed, based on detailed confessions made by the defendants, that 30 terrorists were forming a terrorist organization espousing ISIS takfiri ideas of shedding the blood of Christians, carrying out hostile attacks against churches and states institutions, and receiving military training at ISIS camps in Syria and Libya to overthrow the state and affect its economic and social components.

An ISIS leader known as Nour formed the terrorist group, which he divided into two cells that included the 30 defendants. Nour trained the group through a program based on three axes, according to the investigations. The first is the intellectual axis, based on holding organizational meetings where the members study takfiri ideas and spread them on social media, and psychologically preparing members to carry out suicidal acts by convincing them of the legitimacy of such acts.

The second axis is security, which focuses on mechanisms to detect surveillance and ways to conceal their identities and communicate amongst themselves using safe communication.

The third axis is preparing its members physically and militarily by holding military camps inside and outside the country to raise their combat capabilities, training them to use firearms and manufacture explosive devices, as well as fight in gang wars to carry out hostile operations inside Egypt.

This terrorist organization depended on the leader Nour to fund the organization and supply it with weapons and safe havens to achieve their purposes. They had planned to target churches in Alexandria, Damietta, 6th October, Giza, Kafr El Dawar in Beheira.

The investigation further referred that the leader of the terrorist organization ordered to place an explosive device and detonate it inside a shop located at the old market area of Ras al-Bar.



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