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Ministry of Social Solidarity returns “Dancer with Dogs” kid to his family

Mon, May. 1, 2017
CAIRO-1 May 2017: Abdel Rahman Fakry, the juvenile street performer whose story of living on the streets under dire circumstances after being ejected from a turbulent domestic life evoked a strong public outcry on the social media, moves off the street and back to his father, according to the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity confirmed its continuous observation of the poverty-stricken street child Abdel Rahman who is colloquially known as “The Dancer with the Dogs” because of his gimmick of performing street pantomime with five stray dogs to pocket money from pedestrian spectators.

His street performances with the animals were his sole means of making a living after he had been forcefully removed from his home by his father, Nadi Fakry.
The removal had been instigated by the father’s wife, Abdel Rahman’s stepmother, according to Al Arabyia reports.

The Ministry stated at a press conference Sunday that Abdel Rahman Nadi Fakry (13 years old) and his younger brother Moustafa Nadi Fakry (8 years old) are placed in a Belgian foster house named “Face” which is responsible for accommodating street children and rehabilitating them for a successful reunion with their families and society at large.

After Abdel Rahman and his brother spent some time at the foster house, their father received them back based upon his request and the children’s own desire to go back home, as authorized by a specific government mandate.

The Ministry noted that Abdel Rahman has been delivered to his family and that psychological and therapeutic supporting sessions have been proffered to the children and their family by specialist teams from the “Face” organization at their home in Saaft Al Laban area.

Welfare support has been specifically provided for the father to alleviate their economic woes and facilitate the process of reintegration and a successful family reunion.
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