Moussa’s presidential campaign to organize election march



Mon, 05 Mar 2018 - 10:55 GMT


Mon, 05 Mar 2018 - 10:55 GMT

FILE-Presidential candidate Moussa Mostafa Moussa

FILE-Presidential candidate Moussa Mostafa Moussa

CAIRO – 5 March 2018: The campaign of presidential candidate Moussa Mostafa Moussa will organize an election march on Saturday to support its candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

Legal advisor of Moussa's campaign Samir Abdel Azim said that the march will be within the framework of the events organized by the campaign to support Moussa.
“I am keenly following up the status of the Egyptians abroad, and I have a clear and ambitious program for every Egyptian residing abroad,” said presidential candidate Moussa.

In his message to Egyptians abroad, Moussa added that he supports every Egyptian contributing in building his/ her country, stressing the important role Egyptians abroad play in that matter, and calling them to participate in the election.

Moussa declared that his electoral campaign program focuses on running the suspended factories and narrowing the gap between salaries and prices, adding that development in Upper Egypt is among his priorities. He praised the current government, but accused them of "sluggishness".

Moussa’s electoral campaign spokesperson Adel Esmat declared on February 14 in a statement that the electoral program of Moussa aims to support national capitalism. Moussa's national capitalism campaign is based on stock offerings, forming partnerships between public and private sectors and expanding the youth’s ownership.

Essmat asserted that the electoral program, prepared by experts and specified committees of Al-Ghad Party, will propose the key ideas and new visions that would benefit all citizens and achieve a public interest to conclude the transitional stage of the June 30 Revolution.

Furthermore, Moussa's program focuses on continuing Egypt’s comprehensive development, started by Sisi, through establishing major projects, and providing job opportunities in Upper Egypt through investment projects.

It includes a training program tailored for youth to increase local production and exports by reopening suspended factories. The program also plans to sign an agreement with banks and demand international agricultural companies to help reap the benefits of agricultural lands.

The training program will be given by international experts to youth and laborers, benefitting from their experiences to increase exports and be able to compete in the international markets. The program will also urge the foreign companies to employ Egyptian youth.

Voting in the 2018 presidential election in Egypt will commence on March 26, as announced by the National Electoral Authority (NEA) on January 8. Sixty million eligible voters will cast their ballots in the election between March 26 and 28 in Egypt, while expatriates will vote between March 16 and 18.

Sisi officially announced his candidacy for the 2018 presidential election on January 19.

President Sisi took office in 2014 after protesters toppled the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated ex-President Mohamed Morsi.



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