What happened to Egyptian student ‘despicable and unacceptable’: UK Embassy


Sun, 04 Mar 2018 - 03:00 GMT

FILE- 18-years old Egyptian student Mariam Moustafa

FILE- 18-years old Egyptian student Mariam Moustafa

CAIRO – 4 March 2018: The British Embassy in Cairo described what happened to the Egyptian student Mariam Moustafa Abdel Salam in Nottingham as "a despicable and unacceptable attack," stated the spokesperson for the British Embassy Sara Aggour on Sunday.

Aggour added that all forms of hate crimes are totally unacceptable while affirming that the embassy is following up on the incident and attending to Mustafa’s family; in addition to the open investigation on this attack to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

“We are working with the Egyptian Embassy in London to ensure that Mariam and her family receive the support they need,” she added.

However, On March 2, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that it’s closely following the case of Moustafa, an engineering student based in Nottingham, UK, after being brutally beaten by ten British women of African descent a few days ago.

According to a statement, the Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid said they are following all of the case updates with her family and that they demanded that the British authorities take more serious steps in investigating the abusers, especially since they were captured by the CCTV cameras from the streets and bus where the incident took place.

Moustafa’s mother posted a video on social media saying that her daughter is in critical condition due to being brutally beaten by the ten women. She claimed that the assault was race-motivated, as her daughter doesn’t actually know the perpetrators at all and had never spoken with them before.



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