National Authority of Journalism refutes HRW’s report on election



Mon, 26 Feb 2018 - 03:47 GMT


Mon, 26 Feb 2018 - 03:47 GMT

Pro-Sisi sign in an Egyptian street to support him for second term in presidency- Egypt Today - Amr Moustafa

Pro-Sisi sign in an Egyptian street to support him for second term in presidency- Egypt Today - Amr Moustafa

CAIRO – 26 February 2018: National Authority of Journalism issued a statement on Monday in which it refutes the Human Rights Watch’s report entitled “Arrests Escalate ahead of Unfair Election…Terrorist Charges against Peaceful Activists,” describing it as another inciting report that publishes false information about Egypt without proof.

On February 26, the Human Rights Watch issued a report in which it claims that Egypt is employing “intensifying repression and the use of terrorism-related charges against peaceful activists… to silence critical voices ahead of the planned presidential elections on March 26-28.”

Consequently, the authority detailed the following observations in its statement:

“First, the report referred to is unprofessional and tries to impose political pressure on Egypt, which is something usual for the organization in tackling Egypt's affairs, and in exploiting the circumstances of the presidential elections.”

“Second, the organization fails to understand that Egypt is at war against terrorism. Nevertheless, Egypt is committed to the security measures in the Constitution and law despite the exceptional situation forcing Egypt to face terrorists with strict measures.”

“Third, the report has a political not humanistic nature and pokes its nose in the country’s sovereignty and actions that are in accordance the international laws and the United Nations’ resolutions that give states the rights of legitimate self-defense.”

“Fourth, Egyptian authorities follow the highest degree of vigilance in areas where terrorist operations are widespread to protect citizens’ safety, and do not take any security measures except with strict regulations in populated areas.”

“Fifth, the report referred to is based on anonymous and unreliable sources, which are often provided by the Muslim Brotherhood to spread these false allegations and wrong facts to the Human Rights Watch.”

“Sixth, the contents of the report contradicts itself; based on unreliable facts,” and it remarks that Egyptian authorities referred the claimed realities to the Public Prosecution and Judiciary, which are authorized by law to investigate in these realities.”

“Seventh, the organization has not issued any statement for the rights of the martyrs and the injured police, army and citizens, who are the victims of terrorist operations. Defending the nation is the inalienable human right to eliminate terrorist risks threatening citizens’ life and possessions.”

“Eighth, if the United States or any Western country exposed to the same situation of Egypt during its war against terrorism, they would declared another world war, which is proved by the international wars waged in some Middle East regions.”

“Ninth, in wars against terrorism, the most democratic states take tougher measures than Egyptian authorities, and the United States leads unfair wars in the Middle East after the September 11 attack, claiming that the area supports terrorism, based on reports from intelligence agencies that later proved to be fake. However, Washington has not submitted any apology to the affected countries.”

“Tenth, the report referred to mentions names and cases of Abd al-Moniem Abu al-Fotouh, Sami Anan, and Mohamed el-Kassas, which are undergoing investigations with Pubic Prosecution and specialized court. All the measures are fair and transparent based on the terrorist organizations law issued in 2015. They were arrested on the orders of the Public Prosecution and specialized courts.”

“Twelfth, there is not any relation between presidential elections and investigations on the terrorist cases. The election is supervised by the National Election Authority, which is an independent, and in accordance with the law its members cannot be held on accountability or isolated. It is also monitored by 16,000 organizations and 500 judges, which are guarantees of fair elections that do not exit in many democratic countries.”

The National Authority of Journalism calls upon Human Rights Watch to follow impartial and transparent measures, which serve human rights in the world, and not to issue political reports promoting terrorism.



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