Martyrs families’ compensation law approved


Sun, 11 Feb 2018 - 05:15 GMT

FILE - Egypt's House of Representatives

FILE - Egypt's House of Representatives

CAIRO - 11 February 2018: The Social Solidarity Committee of the House of Representatives approved the draft law to support and compensate the families of the martyrs and the injured as a result of terrorism because of parliamentarians’ demands to accelerate the adoption of the law.

The draft law was ratified to include supporting the families of those who are missing during fighting terrorism. It also urged to the rehabilitation of the families of the martyrs and the injured.

According to this daft law, the families of the martyrs, the injured and those who were missed in terrorist operations should be provided with job opportunities that fit with their qualifications.

The families deserve a monthly pension not less than the double of the minimum wage declared by the state and they have the right to combine two pensions.

The families of martyrs or injured persons shall be entitled to receive money in compensation equivalent to one hundred times more than the minimum wage set by Egyptian law.

The families of martyrs, wounded and those missed in terrorist operations shall have the absolute priority of admitting schools and universities, without being bound by geographical restrictions or targeted densities, and they should be exempted from tuition fees. Moreover, they should receive priority for all scientific scholarships and missions.

A five-pound stamp charge will be imposed on all requests for licenses and concert tickets as the main source of funding to support the families of the martyrs and the injured.

In October, Egyptian parliament speaker Ali Abdel Aal announced that martyrs families’ compensation law will be ratified soon, as it is considered one of parliament’s “priorities” during the coming period.

Moreover, parliamentarian Mohamed al-Ghoul, deputy of the parliament's Human Rights Committee demanded that the authorities should use money and properties confiscated from the Muslim Brotherhood members to support martyrs’ families.



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