Youth are the world’s most important capital: Pant, Aptech’s CEO



Thu, 01 Feb 2018 - 06:14 GMT


Thu, 01 Feb 2018 - 06:14 GMT

Amr Salama speaking at the Aptech launch - Egypt Today/Mohamed al-Hossary

Amr Salama speaking at the Aptech launch - Egypt Today/Mohamed al-Hossary

CAIRO – 1 February 2018: Aptech Egypt, in cooperation with Taaleem, inaugurated its first training centre in Cairo, Egypt on Wednesday.

The Indian Aptech is the world’s premier training and education company. It has launched its Three Power Brands in Egypt: Aptech for Computer Education, ARENA Multimedia and Aptech English Learning Academy. The three brands are expected to empower the youths by providing them with job-oriented skills, making them confident, giving them an edge to go out and own the world.

The inauguration events witnessed a number of influential and prominent quest speakers, namely Professor Dr. Mohamed el-Nashar, President of Technological Education Development Committee and former Higher Education Minister, Professor Dr. Amr Salama, General-Secretary of Association of Arab Universities and former Higher Education Minister, and Anil Pant, Managing Director and CEO of Aptech Limited.

During his Speech Salama congratulated the youths on this project and the positive cooperation they will witness between Egypt and India. He recalled a time when the two countries cooperated much more than in recent years, and expressed his happiness and optimism towards the move towards increased cooperation between the two nations.

“The greatest value for any country is to invest in its people,” said Salama.

“It is with great pleasure that I see this cooperation between the two great societies.”

Amr Salama speaking at the Aptech launch - Egypt Today/Mohamed al-Hossary

Nashar also took the time to congratulate both parties for this great cooperation. He spoke about the value behind such cooperation and the huge potential it has in developing human capital in Egypt.

“It is a gold day for all of us,” he added, “The English language and computer skills have become vital skills in our world. University education and graduation no longer satisfies the market job needs. We hope with your cooperation we will meet the international market requirement.”

Mohamed el-Nashar speaking during the Aptech launch - Egypt Today/Mohamed al-Hossary

“The future is not in the knowledge that one gets into universities, it is in increasing your knowledge every day. This will not happen unless you have the English language and computer skills. What one learnt five years ago, in university, is not what the market will want. We need to learn how to learn, we need to learn how to get new ideas, work together and succeed in giving back to Egypt.”

Nashar also revealed that Egypt can use its one million phone lines available to improve skills.

Mohamed el-Nashar speaking during the Aptech launch - Egypt Today/Mohamed al-Hossary

Explaining what the cooperation between the two parties aims to reach, Pant revealed, “this partnership is not about making money, it is not about coming to Egypt, it is not about getting thousands of students, even if we get 200,000 students only but we manage to get them to be able to communicate with people all around the world – that is the goal.”

India, as Pant pointed out was positively affected by the growth of technology. The country has significantly increased its GDP by being tech-savvy and has become a pioneer in the technology field. “India today, and I am proud to say it, is now a computer superpower.”

The country did not just grow economically, he emphasised, the average life-span also increased by 25 years over the last decade, some states have become 100 percent literate and computers are now used by nearly every single person.

Anil Pant speaking at the Aptech launch - Egypt Today/Mohamed al-Hossary

By being tech-savvy, and cooperating with Taaleem, Aptech aims to reduce unemployment levels by giving students valuable information that they could use in their work life.

During his speech, Pant also asked the Ambassador of India to Egypt, Mr. Sanjav Vhatacharyya to do the honour of performing the scholarship draw.

His Excellency, the Ambassador of India to Egypt, during the scholarship draw - Egypt Today/Mohamed al-Hossary

Four people won: Omar Mohamed Shahin, Mohamed Shoman, Mostafa Ahmed and Mostafa Elwan.

Commenting on the results of the draw, Pant said, “I think the most important thing that we noticed is that these are all men. I want to end on this last message, it is super important for women in any society to be completely empowered. I think that this could happen through this partnership between Aptech and Taalem.”



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