“We are one not two,” Egyptian Christians respond to Sunday Attacks



Sun, 09 Apr 2017 - 05:18 GMT


Sun, 09 Apr 2017 - 05:18 GMT

Christian children hold palm fonds during the Palm Sunday mass inside a church in Cairo - Reuters

Christian children hold palm fonds during the Palm Sunday mass inside a church in Cairo - Reuters

Saint. George's and Saint.Mark’s churches in Egypt were under terrorist attacks, Egypt today provides the repercussions of these attacks on Egypt.

What happened?

The first explosion took place on Sunday morning between 9.30 and 10.00 am during Christians Sunday prayer in Sain.George church in Tanta governorate, this attack happened hours before another attack in Alexandria that struck Sain Mark's cathedral just ten minutes after the departure of Coptic Pope Tawadros II from the cathedral.

Several ministers within the cabinet rushed to condemn the attacks and laid out the measures they took to respond on several fronts. Sahar Nasr the minister of investment and international cooperation condemned the terrorist attacks describing it as the treacherous one, offering her sincere condolences to the families of the victims, praying for all the casualties to recover soon.

Nasr assured that these terrorist attacks are going to increase Egypt “insistence to eradicate the black terrorism who aims to obstacle the development operation.”

Khaled Abdel Gaffar, the Minister of higher education along with all the ministry leaders in all the Egyptian universities offered their condolences to all the victims. Abdel Ghaffar visited Tanta university hospital to make sure that all the victims are receiving the needed medical service. Nabila Makram the Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs went to Tanta governorate directly after the attack as a member of ministerial delegation headed by the Prime Minister Sherif Ismail.

Makram severely condemned the terrorist attacks stressing on the point that such terrorist attacks increase the Egyptians cohesion to fight terrorism and all those who support it, assuring that peace and humanity enemies will not achieve their target, pointing out that all Egyptians are ready to sacrifice their life for Egypt's sake.
Al-Azhar speaks out

Professor Yussef Amer the head of Al- Azhar International Center for Fatwa Monitoring said to Egypt today that Al-Azhar condemned severely these cowardly terrorist attacks. Amer offered his warm condolences to both Al-Azhar and all the Egyptian churches.

“Such terrorist actions are completely not accepted from all religions, cultures, principles and values, all of these can’t accept any kind of harms to innocent people,” Said Amer.
According to Amer these attacks are tendentious, because it targets Pope Francis visit to Egypt which is expected to take place in the coming few days.

Amer pointed out that Al-Azhar condemn all the terrorist attacks inside and outside Egypt. Terrorist attacks as recounted by Amer are violating the Islamic principles, especially the earth construction principal which is based on the synergy of all those who are living on earth whether Christians or Muslims to develop and construct their land together. Egypt embraces both Muslims and Christians, both are the real and only owners of Egypt.

“On such hard times we should all be aware of the conspiracies that are simulated against Egypt, I am sure that Christians’ level of awareness is high enough to make these attacks a reason of unification rather than distortion.,'' Amer elaborated.. Amer recounted that these are not the first terrorist attacks and unfortunately may not be the last, but he trusts the wisdom of Pope Tawadros II and that his strong patriotic spirit will make him stand beside Egypt in the first place. ''

Both Al-Azhar and Egyptian churches are working for the same target which is consolidating the human values,'' Amer said.
Public Opinion
Amal naguib, 34 a Christian accountant, said to Egypt today that no words can describe her feelings today. The black ugly terrorism worked fiercely to turn their feast into pain, tears and deep sorrow.

''We will not let you defeat us, we are one not two, we are all Egyptians, but you are criminals without nationality or religion.'' Naguib said that today she received a complete support from her Muslims friends; she felt that they were even sadder than her.

Micheal Ehab, 28 an engineer said to Egypt today that in such hard times we should all work together to offer all the needed help to the victims and their families. '' I ask all the Egyptian Christians and Muslims to go to the hospitals and offer their help and donate with their blood, we have to prove to the terrorist that Egypt can’t be defeated and such ordeals bring us together more.''

Hani Ezz, 27 a computer engineer from Tanta governorate admitted that Tanta is definitely witnessing now the blackest day in its history said,''I am not exaggerating when I say that I can smell the blood in the air.''

Ezz who was hardly speaking said that the only thing that can be a little bit of relief to the Egyptians is revenge for all our dear martyrs and injured on their feast, while celebrating and praying. Ministry of Interior should work to find those terrorists who stand behind these painful attacks as soon as possible.”



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