Human rights’ dept. to establish at Attorney General’s office


Mon, 25 Dec 2017 - 12:13 GMT

FILE-The Attorney General Nabil Sadiq

FILE-The Attorney General Nabil Sadiq

CAIRO – 25 December 2017: The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights welcomed on Sunday Attorney General Nabil Sadek’s decision to establish a general department of human rights in his office to receive any complaints on human rights violations and to examine international and local human rights reports in Egypt.

This decision was declared on December 21, 2017, during a press conference. The move aims to take the necessary legal measures to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for any human rights violations in Egypt.

The organization remarked that if this decision is applied, international and national reports would be examined to detect any human right violations to counter any impunity.
The decision calls on the general department of human rights to cooperate with civil society organizations to put in place mechanisms tackling the complaints on human rights violations, urging the state institutions to take necessary measures to improve Egypt's human rights situation to ensure the dignity of each citizen and his basic rights, guaranteed by the constitution and international conventions for human rights.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has pledged to continue the efforts to protect Egyptians’ human rights and basic freedoms. This was during his meeting with Mohamed Fayek, head of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) in October 2017.

During the meeting, Fayek submitted to Sisi the NCHR annual report for 2016/2017, which details major challenges related to the human rights situation in Egypt as well as the means to address them.

Consequently, Sisi promised to study the NCHR report, which sheds light on several important issues to improve Egypt's human rights situation, including enhancing the living condition of prisoners and paying attention to the role of the civil society as well as its implementations.



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