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Public Prosecution: Giza-Wahat militants are Hasm members

Tue, Oct. 31, 2017
CAIRO – 31 October 2017: The Supreme Prosecution of National Security revealed on Tuesday that the 13 militants killed in the Western Desert by security forces on October 28 are affiliated with the terrorist group Hasm, a branch of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

Investigations indicated that Hasm was linked to the clashes that resulted in the death of 17 security personnel on October 20. The Public Prosecution received the forensic medical report on the militants as well as the investigations conducted by security institutions.

A security report demonstrated that “the dead and arrested defendants thought – after the arrest of a big number of the brotherhood’s numbers and leaders – of reviving militant attacks. They formed new militant groups under the names of Hasm and Liwaa’ al Thawra, selecting candidates that are qualified physically and psychologically. These received advanced military and intelligence training inside and outside the country. The objective of the terrorist attacks assumed by the aforementioned groups is overthrowing the ruling regime and taking over power.”

After a battle between Egyptian forces and militants on October 20, on Giza’s Al-Wahat Road, new clashes erupted between the two sides Friday. Fifteen militants were killed during the clashes, which took place along the Wadi Gadid-Wahat Road.

Egypt’s Interior Ministry followed the terrorists behind the attack of October 20, with the aim of eliminating them. Here is what you need to know about Al-Wahat’s militants:

1.Al-Wahat’s armed group was established by 13 militants.

2.They used military uniforms to move about easily.

3.They were planning several terrorist attacks during the coming period.

4.They aim to recruit other young people.

5.Several explosive belts and weapons were found with them.

6.The militants used sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and motorcycles to move within the Western Desert.

The October 20 clashes resulted in 17 officers and 15 militants being killed.

Investigations into the shootout have been underway, and a manhunt was launched to arrest the remaining perpetrators. Three days later, Egypt’s air force thwarted a new attempt to infiltrate the western borders of the country, according to an official statement posted on Monday by the military spokesman Tamer El-Refai on Facebook.

Forces have destroyed eight SUVs loaded with smuggled weapons and ammunition across the Egyptian-Libyan border.
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