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Russia has good relations with Kurds, says Putin

Wed, Oct. 4, 2017
MOSCOW - 4 October 2017: Russia has historically good relations with the Kurds, but in the issue of Iraqi Kurdistan Moscow believes everything must be done not to escalate the situation, Tass quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying Wednesday.

"By the way, we historically had good relations with the Kurdish people. We are not instigating anything and we are not pushing anyone towards anything, we are not interfering in these processes, that is why our statements (about the referendum) are rather careful, they seek not to escalate the situation, they seek that the parties find the way to contacts, cooperation and search for a mutually acceptable solution in most difficult conflict situations," Putin said.

In reply to the question about possible consequences from Turkey’s warning that it could cut oil supplies from Iraqi Kurdistan in connection with the referendum, Putin said this "will tell on global energy markets, pushing the prices up. But I think few are interested in this."
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