Middle East Quartet envoys hail Egypt’s efforts to reunite Gaza



Fri, 29 Sep 2017 - 12:25 GMT


Fri, 29 Sep 2017 - 12:25 GMT

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas - Reuters

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas - Reuters

CAIRO – 29 September 2017: The Envoys of the Middle East Quartet from the Russian Federation, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations welcome in a press release on Thursday Egypt’s efforts to create the conditions for the Palestinian Authority to assume its responsibilities in Gaza.

They call all the parties to take concrete steps to reunite Gaza and the West Bank under the legitimate Palestinian Authority.

According to the release, this will facilitate lifting the closures of the crossings, while addressing Israel's legitimate security concerns, and unlock international support for Gaza's growth, stability and prosperity, which is critical for efforts to reach lasting peace.
The Quartet Envoys expressed their willingness to engage with Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the region in support of this process.

The Envoys emphasized that the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza, most notably the crippling electricity crisis and its impact on health, social and economic well-being of the population, must be addressed, encouraging the international community to act accordingly.

Nikolay Mladenov, UN special coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, also praised Egypt’s role in the mediation that led to an understanding between Fatah and Hamas on September 25.

"The recent understandings between Fatah and Hamas would not have taken place without the important role of Egypt and Egyptian officials, and I thank them for what they have done," Mladenov said.

The envoy’s comments were made at a press conference after his visit to the Gaza Strip. Mladenov welcomed Hamas' decision to dissolve the administrative committee and call on the government to carry out its duties in the Gaza Strip. Mladenov deemed the step timely and important to stop the blockade on Gaza Strip.

The Hamas movement announced on Sunday, September 17 the dissolving of the administrative committee at Gaza Strip, inviting the Government of National Reconciliation to assume its duties and hold general elections. The movement affirmed it would comply with the Social Reconciliation Accord signed with Fatah in 2011.

The Social Reconciliation Accord in Cairo aimed to restore unity among Palestinian political actors in 2011 following four years of conflict since 2007. It was inked by the Egyptian authority in 2009, and was accepted by the two parties in May 2011 following Palestinian demonstrations.

Hamas and Fatah are beginning a dialogue and forming a national, united government.
Egypt brokered a Palestinian national reconciliation government on September which will take over the authority the West Bank, as well as Gaza, which had been controlled by Hamas. Cairo hopes the new Palestinian government will engage in peace negotiations with Israel, as Sisi has already tackled the issue with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

For over a decade, Egypt has played a key role in putting an end for the over- a decade dispute between Hamas and Fatah after the first announced on Sunday that it has dissolved administrative committee at the Gaza Strip, to be replaced with the Government of National Reconciliation.

Egyptian authorities exerted endless efforts in order to revive the peace process in the Middle East by arranging the inner Palestinian political theatre since the very beginning of the dispute between both movements of Hamas and Fatah.

Egypt hosted talks between President Abbas and 12 Palestinian political factions in 2005. The declaration stressed on establishing a Palestinian state, whose capital is Jerusalem, as well as easing tensions with Israel if it stopped its aggression against the Palestinian people and territories and if it released detainees.



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