Qatar seeks to undermine opposition conference’s success



Mon, 18 Sep 2017 - 12:41 GMT


Mon, 18 Sep 2017 - 12:41 GMT

The spokesman for the Qatari opposition Khalid Al-Hail - TwitterThe spokesman for the Qatari opposition Khalid Al-Hail - Twitter

The spokesman for the Qatari opposition Khalid Al-Hail - TwitterThe spokesman for the Qatari opposition Khalid Al-Hail - Twitter

CAIRO – 18 September 2017: The Qatari Defense Ministry seeks to buy 50 Typhoon eurofighters from London and double Qatar’s relations with western countries, in an attempt to undermine Qatari opposition after the Qatar Global Security and Stability opposition conference held in London was a great success, posted the spokesman for the Qatari opposition Khalid Al-Hail on his Twitter account.

Qatar signed a letter of intent with London in a meeting in which Qatari and British officials participated in London to increase the cooperation between the two states, which was the Qatari regime’s first response to the success of the conference; aiming to silence the British government regarding the scandals revealed in the conference about Qatar’s regime, Al-Hail reported.

Qatar has also investments of around £40 billion ($54.3 billion) across Britain focusing on energy, infrastructure, real estate and services.

Qatar invests in iconic real estate such as London's Shard and Canary Wharf Buildings and the Harrod's department store that Qatar has in London.
At the same time, Qatari opposition denounced on Twitter Qatar emir’s attempt to use the Jewish Lieutenant Hadar Goldin’s body as a bargaining chip to sit down with American Jews.

In this regard, Qatar’s regime is concerned that the Qatari opposition’s move will gather public opinion in Europe, consequently pressuring governments into adopting the vision of the Arab Quartert (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain), which would further lead to affecting Qatari investments with European countries, said the Islamic researcher Hisham al-Najjar.

The Qatar Global Security and Stability Conference, concluded Friday in London, with the participation of exiled Qataris pressing for reform in the country which faces a diplomatic crisis in the Gulf region entering its fourth month.

International experts, politicians and journalists have participated in the conference to discuss several topics regarding combating terrorism and maintaining the stability of the Gulf. The participants stressed that Qatar should define its loyalties, and choose between returning to the Gulf and joining international efforts to combat terrorism, or aligning with Iran and facing international isolation.

The Qatari opposition spokesperson, Khalid Al-Hail, delivered the opening speech of the conference, revealing that the Qatari regime attempted to inhibit the conference, which stresses on the necessity of changing the regime for its support of terror through bribes and media campaigns.



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