Qatar’s aims to prevent politicians from opposition conference


Sun, 17 Sep 2017 - 10:47 GMT

Daniel Robert Kawczynski during an interview with Egyptian broadcast Presenter Lamis al-hadidy - YouTube

Daniel Robert Kawczynski during an interview with Egyptian broadcast Presenter Lamis al-hadidy - YouTube

CAIRO – 17 September 2017: Qatar sent letters to the House of Commons urging them to prevent western political personalities from attending “the Qatar global security and stability conference” held in London on Friday. The member of the British Parliament Daniel Robert Kawczynski, related the incident during an interview with Egyptian broadcast Presenter Lamis al-Hadidy on the sidelines of the opposition conference.

In the letter, Qatar asked the House of Commons and the Foreign Affairs Select Committee for Kawczynski to be censured from the parliament, he added stressing that for 12 years he has never witnessed such a pressure before for not attending the conference.

“Whoever wants to prevent politicians from attending the conference undermines the democracy and ignores that London is a democratic country allowing for different opinions,” he stated, “it would be the absence of responsibility if the number of countries opposing Qatar’s regime for funding the terrorist groups is ignored.”

The program of the conference organized by Khalid Al-Hail included five main themes: Doha’s role in spreading political Islam and supporting terrorism; the relationship between Qatar and Iran as a major source of regional instability; Qatar’s aspirations for global influence against democracy and human rights; free media or the trumpet of terrorism; and, finally, economics, geopolitics and international energy security.

The Qatari opposition spokesperson, Khalid Al-Hail, delivered the opening speech of the conference, revealing that the Qatari regime attempted to inhibit the conference, which stresses on the necessity of changing the regime for its support of terror, through bribes and media campaigns.

Al-Hail stressed that the conference aimed to uncover the reality of the political situation in Qatar, and provides space for freedom of expression, in the wake of the “policy of silencing the mouths exercised by the Qatari system.”



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