Three terrorists, one Major killed in police raid in Minya



Thu, 10 Aug 2017 - 05:24 GMT


Thu, 10 Aug 2017 - 05:24 GMT

Terrorist Caves- Official Facebook Page

Terrorist Caves- Official Facebook Page

CAIRO – 10 August 2017: Three terrorists and Major Ahmed Abdel Fattah were killed in Minya on Thursday as the Security forces stormed the caves in a mountain at Abu Tesht, Qena where remnants of Amr Saad group involved in several terrorist acts in Egypt hide.

The Ministry of Interior has struck at terrorist strongholds in a mountain in Abu Tesht, Qena, killing the assistants of Saad who blew up Alexandria and Tanta churches, killed a police officer in Qena, shot a police car in Luxor and targeted a Coptic vehicle in Minya.

After the attack on Christians on an excursion to the Monastery of Saint Samuel in Minya that Saad masterminded and the attack on the security checkpoint in the town Esna in August, the Ministry of Interior has exerted efforts in pursuing the fugitive terrorist elements that caused several violent acts killing many citizens and caught a member of these elements called Eid Hussain from Kefah village, Beheira.

A coordinated plan was drawn up by different departments of the Ministry to collect relevant information and use modern technology to locate and pursue those proven to have been involved in the terrorist attacks and related to Saad, the Ministry stated.

When the Security forces reached the strongholds where they were hiding, terrorists exchanged fire with them killing terrorist Eid Hussain while he was leading the forces to terrorist’s sites two terrorists and Major Ahmed Abdel Fattah who was guarding Hussain.

Weapons- Official Facebook Page

The security forces found in the caves many weapons, possessions of the victims of the Minya Coptic vehicles and explosive devices.

Possessions of the victims- Official Facebook Page

The Ministry of Interior combats terrorist groups by uprooting them, tightening security at ports, airports and on land, and developing a strategy designed to insure security and increase the citizens’awareness through media especially as the Middle East is facing many crises including terrorism financed by Qatar and Iran.



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