2 French books reveal Qatar’s support for terrorism: Dubai TV



Thu, 27 Jul 2017 - 01:38 GMT


Thu, 27 Jul 2017 - 01:38 GMT

Qatari Flag - File Photo

Qatari Flag - File Photo

CAIRO - 27 July 2017: Two books for French journalists Christian Chinu and Georges Malbrunot revealing the Qatar role in supporting extremism, have achieved widespread success in France and Europe, despite their release several years ago, according to a video aired during Emirati bulletin news on Wednesday.

The both books were re-published again following the cutting ties between four Arab states and Qatar for funding terrorist groups as they documented facts and evidences regarding Qatari role in terrorism.

The video showed Dubai TV conducting interview with the two authors, who explain their books content and also spoke about harasses the faced by the Qatari authorities.

The first book titled “Qatar and the Secrets of Iron Safes” was published in 2013, while the second titled “Dear princes are they our friends?” was published in 2016.

The two books revealed corruption of the Qatari leaders and how they used money of the Qatari people of Qatar to support extremism. They further highlighted attempt to bribe French politicians to turn a blind eye to the sponsorship of the Gulf nation with terrorist groups in the Arab region, according to the video.

It further highlighted Qatari bribes to influence the decision-makers in Paris and other European capitals, and also disclosed list of figures that has supported Qatar practices. Mohamed El-Kuwari, the former Qatari Ambassador to Paris, was among the list, as he was involved in offering bribes and gifts to French politicians. The same policy was continued by Mishaal bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the former Qatar's ambassador to the United States, the video also added.

Chino said in interview with Dubai TV, that he was harassed by the Qatari authorities, for rejecting that two books, clarifying that he has been stopped at Doha airport by the Qatari authorities and was released later only French ambassador to Doha has interfered and returned him back to Paris.

The two books are part of series of publications and documentaries circulated following the Qatari crisis, showing its involvement in terror attacks and relation with terrorist groups.



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