Al Jazeera backs Arab’s crisis with Qatar: UAE, Saudi figures



Mon, 24 Jul 2017 - 12:08 GMT


Mon, 24 Jul 2017 - 12:08 GMT

Al Jazeera - Reuters

Al Jazeera - Reuters

CAIRO – 24 July 2017: Qatari TV network Al-Jazeera stands behind the Gulf diplomatic crisis with Qatar, according to UAE and Saudi figures and nationals.

In a serious of tweets on Monday, Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan attacked Qatar’s news media channels and accused Al Jazeera channel of standing behind the crisis between Arab countries and Qatar.

“We used to love Qatar and cares about it, but you have fueled the hate in our hearts… who did that Tamim? Al Jazeera New channel and its mercenaries,” Dahi Khlfan said in a tweet.

He continued to say that the Arab leaders did not contribute by any means on the crisis. The media new channels of Qatar, which used to mock and despise leaders, have the main role of the crisis

Khlfan also described in his tweets Al Jazeera news channel as a channel of Mercenaries and dividers and said that the Doha channels created disruption among Qatari young people and derived them to hate Saudi Arabia, UAE and all Arabs in general.

Earlier, Saud Al-Qahtani, Advisor of the Saudi Royal court and the General Supervisor of the Center for Studies and Information Affairs stated in a tweet that “Al Jazeera new channel was misled by our patience during the last years and they didn’t know that the Saudi media and nationals can conquer them in a blink of eye.”

Al-Qahtani went to say that the Aljazeera’s policy depend on lies and fabrication, commenting on a false video broadcasted in Al Jazeera .
On Sunday, Foreign Affairs Minister Anwar Gargash of United Arab Emirates said that Al Jazeera news channel has proved to be unprofessional and it’s on its way to be just local channel

Another Saudi figure also said that Qatari TV network Al Jazeera is used to spread strife and false news.

On June 5, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain severed ties with Qatar on charges of supporting terrorism and extremists in the region. The Arab Quartet demanded that Qatar shut down Al-Jazeera channel which leads violence and riots provocation and incitement in the region.



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