Egypt’s National Elections Authority to announce agenda of presidential election on Monday



Sat, 23 Sep 2023 - 02:22 GMT


Sat, 23 Sep 2023 - 02:22 GMT

FILE - An Egyptian casts his vote in Egypt's presidential election – Reuters

FILE - An Egyptian casts his vote in Egypt's presidential election – Reuters

CAIRO – 23 September 2023: The National Elections Authority (NEA), headed by Judge Walid Hamza, will hold a conference on Monday, September 25, at 2:30 p.m. in the conference hall in Nasr City, to announce all the details regarding the upcoming presidential elections.


The conference is scheduled to be held in the presence of advisors, members of the Board of Directors of the National Elections Authority and the executive body of the Authority to invite voters to the election and the schedule for its procedures and dates.


The NEA pledges to guarantee the right of presidential candidates who comply with the legal requirements to run for elections, Ahmed Bendari, the executive director of the National Election Authority (NEA) in a press conference held September 20.


He added that the NEA will set the timeframe for presidential campaigns in order for the candidates to present their programs.


“The NEA maintains equal distance from all presidential candidates willing to run for elections,” Bendari said.


Presidential elections will be held with transparency and under full judicial supervision, he affirmed.


In this regard, Bendari said the NEA will not hesitate to take measures against people or institutions attempting to question the integrity of its work in holding the elections.


Presidential candidates will be allowed to have representatives at polling stations to supervise the voting and sorting processes, he added.


The NEA urges state institutions and authorities as well as media to adhere to neutrality and objectivity while covering elections, Bendari affirmed.


He also called for all eligible citizens to cast their ballot in the elections, affirming that “the Egyptian people are the sole source of authority and have the full right to choose their president.”


Egypt is preparing for its fifth multi-candidate presidential elections and its third since the 30th of June 2013 Revolution.


Several leading figures from renowned political parties have announced plans to run for elections, including Abdel-Sanad Yamama, head of El-Wafd Party and Hazem Oman, head of the People’s Republican Party.


The constitution does not give the right for a president to run for a third term. However, constitutional amendments in 2019 stretched the presidential term to six years instead of four.


Therefore, incumbent President Sisi, who has been serving since 2014, exceptionally has the right to run for a third term until 2030.


Sisi has not announced plans to run for elections to date. However, tens of political parties and unions have announced support to his potential candidacy, including the parliamentary majority party Mostaqbal Watan.




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