Arab FMs Welcome Egypt's Hosting of Libyan Constitutional Track Meetings



Thu, 07 Sep 2023 - 10:16 GMT


Thu, 07 Sep 2023 - 10:16 GMT

The slogan of the Cairo-host inter-Libyan talks over constitutional basis - Youm7/Ahmed Gomaa

The slogan of the Cairo-host inter-Libyan talks over constitutional basis - Youm7/Ahmed Gomaa

CAIRO - 7 Septemebr 2023: Arab foreign ministers, in the Council of the Arab League, have warmly welcomed Egypt's hosting of the meetings for the Libyan constitutional track. Their endorsement strongly emphasizes the principle of "Libyan ownership of the political process."


Following the conclusion of the 160th session, the council released a resolution titled "Developments in the Situation in Libya". In this resolution, the commitment to the unity and sovereignty of the Libyan state and the integrity of its territories was reiterated. The resolution also highlighted the rejection of any form of foreign intervention in Libyan affairs and called for a halt to any form of escalation.


Arab foreign ministers acknowledged the formation of the Presidential Council for the High Financial Committee to oversee government spending. This step has been seen as a positive move towards ensuring transparent and just management of the Libyan people's resources.


Moreover, the Arab ministers renewed their support for the joint military committee's 5+5 efforts. They emphasized the preservation of its independent decision-making capacity, aiming to establish a ceasefire and unify the military institutions under a single executive authority. This authority is expected to govern all Libyan territories and represent the entirety of the Libyan populace.


The importance of the withdrawal of all foreign forces, mercenaries, and foreign fighters within specific deadlines was also underscored. Ministers called on the international community to support this committee, praising Egypt's hosting role.


The Arab Ministerial Council emphasized the significance of comprehensive national reconciliation in achieving lasting political stability. This, in turn, would create the ideal conditions for elections and transition periods.


The council commended the relentless efforts of the Libyan Presidential Council and the extensive and effective participation of all Libyan parties. They urged against taking unilateral actions that might undermine reconciliation efforts.


Additionally, ministers welcomed the announcement of the unification of the Libyan Central Bank. The restoration of the bank as a unified sovereign institution and the importance of safeguarding Libyan assets and funds in foreign banks were highlighted. The UN Security Council was reminded of its commitment to protect the wealth of the Libyan people from any potential interference.


Furthermore, the ministers stressed the importance of ensuring the safety of oil installations and maintaining the continuous flow of exports. This is crucial for preserving the wealth of the Libyan people, supporting the Libyan economy, and restoring Libya's influential role in the energy sector.


The efforts of neighboring Arab countries, particularly Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, and Egypt, were acknowledged by the Arab League Council. Their endeavors to ensure Libya's security and stability have been invaluable, and any efforts or meetings aiming to find a political settlement were appreciated.




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