Egypt’s economic challenge to become history: Sisi



Wed, 16 Aug 2023 - 06:27 GMT


Wed, 16 Aug 2023 - 06:27 GMT

CAIRO – 16 August 2023: President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said the economic challenge that Egypt has experienced “will be history” as in the case of terrorism.

Sisi made the remarks on Wednesday as he made an inspection tour in Salloum city of Matrouh in northwestern Egypt to meet with people of the governorate and review development projects.

In his speech, Sisi said that the Egyptian state has suffered from the implications of the coronavirus and Ukraine crises, affirming that the state is not responsible for these crises.

“We have not taken a decision that put the state in trouble,” Sisi stressed.

Sisi affirmed that the crisis that Egypt is currently suffering is part of a series of challenges such as the terrorism challenge, adding that the state is capable of overcoming the current economic situation.

“We are endeavoring to reduce the impact of the crisis on citizens with difficult circumstances,” the president noted.

Sisi also spoke about the ongoing load shedding program in the country, saying that although Egypt has managed to overcome an electricity crisis, the recent hike in temperatures has caused the state to shed loads with the rise in fuel prices constituting a burden.


In Matrouh, the state managed to resolve the water issue that the governorate suffered from seven years ago, Sisi said, adding that the state has secured drinking water for the people of Matrouh as part of the water desalination plan for coastal cities on the Mediterranean.

People of Matrouh presented a copy of the Quran as a gift to Sisi during his inspection visit to Saloum.

Sisi also inspected the joint security point between the army and police forces.

Open discussion

During his tour, Sisi listened to proposals and demands of the people of Matrouh as he met with dozens of tribal leaders of the western region to discuss national projects.


Among the demands were paying compensation for the people in Matrouh’s Dabaa, whose agricultural activities have been affected as they were relocated amid the implementation of the new urban development plan on the coastal road.

For his part, Sisi shed light on proposals to establish housing communities that enjoy services, affirming that he has urged the government to compensate those affected by the national urban plans nationwide.

Moreover, Sisi has approved a proposal by the people of Matrouh to establish a reconstruction company, like the one in Sinai, to secure job opportunities.

People also called for facilitating government measures related to agricultural land possession and urged developing the Salloum city road.

Sisi said the state is working to finalize the road from Dabaa to Matrouh with total length of 140 kilometers. He added that the road from Salloum to Matrouh costs more than LE 15 billion.

The road from Matrouh to Salloum extends for 280 kilometers, Sisi said, adding that the state will start the construction work at Matrouh-Salloum road after finishing the Dabaa-Matrouh road.






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