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Egypt supports Iraq’s unity: Shoukry

Wed, Jul. 19, 2017
CAIRO – 19 July 2017: The Egyptian Foreign Minister Samah Shoukry has met Iraqi President Fuad Masum on Wednesday during his official visit to Baghdad, Iraq’s capital, to discuss various regional issues.

The meeting has been held after Iraqi forces have declared Mosul’s liberation from Islamic State (IS) terrorist group on July 10, the last stronghold of IS in Iraq.

It aims to implement the directives of Egyptian political leadership to strengthen the bilateral relations with Iraq in different fields, whereby economy tops the priorities list, said the spokesperson the Minister, Ahmed Abu Zeid.

After delivering the President Sisi’s greetings to Iraqi president and congratulating him of liberating Mosul, the Minister stressed, while praising the big achievements of Iraqi forces, Egypt’s willingness to stand beside Iraq in facing challenges to restore its Arab, regional and international position, the spokesperson added.

Iraqi President Fuad Masum expressed his thanks the efforts of President Sisi in supporting Iraq and enhancing Arab solidarity confirming that destroying Islamic State in Syria is essential to restore security and stability in Arab Orient region.

The Foreign Minister and Iraqi President discussed during the meeting regional issues including the consequences of Turkish intervention and other states in the region.

Regarding Qatari crisis, Shoukry has explained to Iraqi president why quartet states have taken measures against Qatar mentioning that Qatar has intervened in Egypt’s interior affairs causing threats to its national security.

During the visit, the Foreign Minister meets also Vice President Iyad Allawi, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Parliament Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, besides a number of other Iraqi political leaders.

Joint High Commission headed by the prime ministers of the two states, Sherif Ismail and Haider al-Abadi will be scheduled to hold its first meetings in August in Baghdad, Iraq’s capital.

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