Palestinians meet in Egypt’s Alamein to come to unified strategy



Sun, 30 Jul 2023 - 05:08 GMT


Sun, 30 Jul 2023 - 05:08 GMT

CAIRO - July 30, 223: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas headed a conference of the secretary-generals of Palestinian factions on Sunday in Egypt’s New Alamein to come to a unified strategy.


Abbas delivered a speech in the beginning of the conference emphasizing the Liberation Organization as the legitimate and only representative of the Palestinian people; hence the commitment to its program and international obligations.


He said the Palestinians are ready to hold elections as soon as possible under the one condition that Palestinians in Jerusalem could vote.


Abbas thanked his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for hosting the conference of Palestinian factions. He emphasized Egypt’s pivotal role in support of Palestinian parties.


The high-profile meeting discussed means to end the Palestinian division, the challenges facing the Palestinian cause regionally and internationally, as well as arriving at a unified vision and policy against the Israeli occupation.


For its part, the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, Fatah, said in a statement that the meeting aims to unify the Palestinian stance and agree on a unified national strategy to confront the Israeli occupation.


Meanwhile, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said it would make every effort to reach an agreement that enables the Palestinian people to confront the extremist policies of the Israeli government and to protect Palestinian rights from becoming effectively non-existent.


It added it would raise the withdrawal from the Oslo Accord,  and the withdrawal of the recognition of Israeli.


It would also raise the rebuilding of the institutions of the Palestine Liberation Organization for everyone to participate in it.


The committee concerned with  Fatah prisoners in Israel said endings internal division is a national, religious, humanitarian, and moral duty.


Abbas had called for the conference to gather Palestinian factions for the good of the Palestinian people, choosing Egypt to host it as it continues its stabilizing role in the region.


He also received Egypt’s intelligence chief Abbas Kamel at his residence in the Egyptian coastal city of New Alamein.


He briefed Kamel on the latest developments related to the Palestinian situation, especially in view of Israeli violations against the Palestinian people, their land, and sanctities.


The Palestinian president emphasized his determination that the conference culminates into a national unity to face the pressing challenges of the Palestinian people.




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