Political figures praise ‘golden opportunities’, ‘positive environment’ in National Dialogue sessions



Mon, 22 May 2023 - 01:10 GMT


Mon, 22 May 2023 - 01:10 GMT


CAIRO – 22 May 2023: Political figures and parties’ members who have participated at the National Dialogue sessions, see that there are ‘golden opportunities’ to present new ideas and discuss different issues openly during the meetings, as they praised in their statements the ‘positive environment’ that is prevailing during the sessions.

 Assistant Secretary-General of the Central Organizing Secretariat of the ‘Homeland Defenders Party’, Ahmed Abd el Maaboud said that there is keenness of all political forces, parties and civil society in Egypt to attend the sessions of the committees of the National Dialogue.

He added during his speech at the first session of the Political Parties Committee in the National Dialogue, which was held under the title "Rules and support for party’s activities," that the dialogue is a ‘golden opportunity’ for the parties to present their vision and ideas and participate side by side with state institutions, civil society, experts and specialists in shaping the future.

He praised the positive environment that prevails in the discussions of the National Dialogue, expressing his aspiration for it [the positive environment] to continue throughout the session, and for the outputs to be with the same momentum as the participations and discussions, in a way that would be a map for setting priorities for national action, adding: “We are optimistic about the discussions and we look forward to effective ideas and outputs.”

Abd el Maaboud thanked President Abdel Fattah al Sisi for his call to the dialogue and for everyone to agree to siting at the same table for dialogue and discussion. He also thanked the Board of Trustees, rapporteurs and assistant rapporteurs for their efforts to make the dialogue a success.

Meanwhile, MP Najah Jalal, representative of the Nation's Future Party, said that many political parties and entities offer different ideas during the discussion that ultimately aim to serve the Egyptian society, whether by reducing the burden on it or by practices that guarantee training or development as a cadre of political parties.

He stated that his party sees that the current available political climate guarantees parties’ part of the ability to perform their activities appropriately.

He explained that in the end; we have the parties’ law, which we can make some amendments to it, stressing that the idea of preparing a new law for parties or changing the current law needs to be reviewed again. However, there must be modifications commensurate with the nature of partisan life in Egypt.

The National Dialogue tackled on Sunday the political parties’ issues and the law regulating municipal councils.

The political axis of the National Dialogue held two sessions on enhancing and supporting the activities of parties, as well as means to eliminate obstacles against their progress. They also discussed the formation and jurisdictions of a political committee.




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