Egypt’s National Dialogue hopes for release of more detainees, paving way for democratic presidential polls



Mon, 08 May 2023 - 08:50 GMT


Mon, 08 May 2023 - 08:50 GMT

CAIRO – 8 May 2023: The Egyptian National Dialogue’s board of trustees said it hopes for the release of more detainees and paving the way for “pluralistic presidential elections in a democratic environment”.

In a statement on Monday, the dialogue’s board voiced appreciation for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s “generous and quick” response to the board’s proposal with regard to full judicial supervision over elections.

“The Board of Trustees hopes that all relevant parties will continue their positive efforts required to prepare the ground for pluralistic presidential elections in a democratic environment,” the statement said.

The board expressed full confidence in the support of all parties and stakeholders in the country for the National Dialogue, calling on these parties to continue its support to the dialogue with all means and available tools.

The board also called for those parties to give the dialogue an “appropriate and reasonable” time in order to reach detailed and specific proposals on political, economic and social issues, which would be submitted to the president.

Moreover, the board praised the president’s use of his constitutional powers to pardon a number of convicts, saying it looks forward to the president continuing the consideration of further pardons during the coming period.

The board said it also hopes that the Presidential Pardon Committee intensifies its legal efforts at the Public Prosecution and the relevant judicial authorities to release more pretrial detainees.

“Eventually, the Board of Trustees reaffirms its appreciation and respect for all these parties and entities that support, partner in, and are keen on the [success of] the National Dialogue,” the statement added.

Dialogue kicks off

The National Dialogue kicked off last Wednesday, 3 May, after a year of preparations. The inaugural session saw the participation of officials, political parties, NGOs and opposition figures.

During the session, President Sisi delivered a recorded speech, where he stressed support to the National Dialogue and pledged to pave the way for its success.

Sisi stressed that his call for the dialogue “has stemmed from a strong belief that I hold about our Egyptian nation having the capabilities and potential that provides it with many alternatives to find paths toward progress in all political, economic, and social fields”.

Sisi called for the dialogue in April last year in order for political forces and other representatives of the society to discuss and find solutions to the priority social, political and economic issues.



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