Main topics on Egyptian Parliament’s specialized committees’ agendas on Sunday



Sat, 24 Dec 2022 - 10:00 GMT


Sat, 24 Dec 2022 - 10:00 GMT

File- Members of Parliament start voting on the newly-proposed amendments to the 2014 Constitution on Thursday- Egypt Today/Hazem abdel-Samad

File- Members of Parliament start voting on the newly-proposed amendments to the 2014 Constitution on Thursday- Egypt Today/Hazem abdel-Samad

CAIRO – 24 December 2022: Egypt’s House of Representatives special committees will discuss a number of proposals and bills that relate to people’s daily lives and the government’s performance in several sectors on Sunday, according to the parliament agenda.


The Legislative Committee will continue the discussion of “facilitating litigation procedures,” while the Financial and Economic Committee will discuss the study submitted by MP Yasser Zaki regarding “investment obstacles and incentives to improve investment climate and encouragement of foreign direct investment.”


The Arab Affairs Committee will review "the latest developments in Egyptian relations with the European Union". The Defense and National Security Committee also will discuss the consolidation of the values of the Egyptian citizen as they are one of the pillars of national security.


As for the Energy Committee, it will consider a proposal submitted by MP Moamen Moaz on "providing solar energy in the New Valley governorate.


Meanwhile, Housing Committee will mull the draft law submitted by the government and referred to amend some provisions of the Building Law No. 119 of 2008. Also, the Industry Committee will discuss the “monetary policies to support production requirements for the industrial sectors, activate documentary credits for importing raw materials to operate factories, as well as provide the necessary financing for factories after the abolition of the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) initiative to finance the industry.


A proposal submitted by lawmaker Mohamed Salah regarding “financing education expenses for private and private universities through a cooperation protocol with government banks,” will be discussed by the Education Committee.


It will also continue discussing the study of online games, their economics, their industry, and the risks, challenges, and opportunities related to them.


The Youth Committee will consider the topic "Egypt and the World Championships (Successes and Preparations)."


As for the Health Committee, it will tackle a proposal on rebuilding three health units in the villages of Sherbin Center, Dakahlia Governorate, and completing the supply of some equipment to Sherbin Central Hospital.


The committee will also discuss a proposal regarding taking advantage of the distinguished centers for motherhood and childhood care. Meanwhile, the third file on the table of the committee will discuss on providing a Gamma Knife device for the treatment of tumors to facilitate cancer patients.


Meanwhile, the Agriculture Committee will review the report on the proposal about financing needed to end the fodder crisis and the curb high prices of pourtly and eggs.


The Media Committee will discuss the proposal for the development of the tourism sector in cooperation with the governmental and civil sectors the United Nations, World Tourism Organization as one of the important resources of

foreign currency.


As for the Human Rights Committee, it will review a proposal on “including national databases for those who have lost their registration and those who do not have national ID cards.


The committee will also discuss a proposal regarding the activation and development of the serious field and legal measures taken by state agencies to confront the phenomenon of begging.


Religious Affairs Committee will discuss the proposal for creating a comprehensive online platform for all the basic needs of the preachers and the imams.





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