Sisi calls on fulfilling Paris agreement pledges, appeals to stop Russian-Ukrainian war



Mon, 07 Nov 2022 - 12:04 GMT


Mon, 07 Nov 2022 - 12:04 GMT

CAIRO – 7 November 2022: Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al Sisi welcomed COP27 guests from all over the world in Sharm El Sheikh during his speech, Monday. He urged the world leaders to fulfil their responsibilities and pledges towards the climate, as he appealed to stop the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“The world's attention is directed to us here in Sharm El Sheikh, waiting for the results we will reach at COP27 to secure safer environment for the future.” Sisi said

He added: “The important question that we should ask our selfies today is are we asking for something that is possible? and the answer is yes! If the real will was present to enhance our work to yielded in real results, then, everything is possible, and what we are trying to implement at COP27 will be real”

Sisi said that “the coming future doesn’t have to bear the results of mistakes that they didn’t commit. and in Egypt, we have sat several goals, that was reflected in our strategy for climate change”


“Our world needs to overcome the current climate crisis and to reach what we have agreed on as goals in the Paris Agreement, surpass slogans and words. Today, our peoples expect from us rapid, effective and equitable implementation. Our peoples expect us to take real and concrete steps towards reducing emissions, enhancing adaptation with the consequences of climate change, and providing the necessary financing for developing countries that suffer the most from the current climate crisis. Therefore, we have been keen to call this Conference: “Implementation Summit”, which is the goal that all our efforts and endeavors must center around.”

President Sisi noted that Egypt has expanded its strategy in depending on green transformation and clean energy. “We have set ambitious goals expressed in Egypt’s National Strategy to Address Climate Change. We are working diligently to accelerate the pace of green transformation by expanding reliance on renewable energy and clean transport. We have taken concrete steps towards the structural transformation of bills, legislation and government working mechanisms so as to contribute to the promotion of green investments.”

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He also stressed that It’s important for the developing and African countries to feel that their priorities are taken into consideration and that they will receive the prober finance to face climate change challenges.

“It is, therefore, necessary for developing countries, especially in our African continent, to feel that their priorities are addressed and taken into consideration. These countries bear their responsibilities, to the best of their abilities and the amount of appropriate support and finance, in accordance with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, granting them some satisfaction with their position on global efforts to combat climate change.” Sisi said

Sisi demanded all countries to fulfil their responsibilities regarding the climate change. “All countries should fulfil their responsibilities regarding the climate change towards the world and especially the developing countries.” Sisi said.


President Sisi also suggested during his speech announcing more national contributions and launch ambitious and effective initiatives during COP27 meetings.

He said: “I suggest announcing more nationally determined contributions, raising the ambition of your strategies to reduce emissions, launching ambitious and effective initiatives that gather proactive actors around clear goals with regard to adaptation and financing, following-up on the implementation of previously launched initiatives and joining the new ones, which Egypt intends to launch during the conference.”

“...Most importantly, I ask you to advise your negotiators, who will start two weeks of important negotiations, to be flexible and to work on building trust and consensus in order to reach outcomes, which I am certain that you, world leaders, want this conference to result in.”

President Sisi said that many countries have managed already to become good models over the past years by fulfilling their commitments towards the climate, and that it is mandatory to celebrate those countries and to fulfil our responsibilities to make those countries continue their ambitious paths.

“Time is pressing and the end of this decade is a few years away. We have to make the best of these years to win this battle in a way that we want and are satisfied with. Now is the time for action and implementation. There is no room to retreat or use challenges as pretexts to justify that. Missing the opportunity means squandering the legacy of future generations; our children and grandchildren.” Sisi said.

Egypt’s President concluded his speech appealing the world to stop the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“As African and developing countries, our economy is not strong, our economy suffered during the Coronavirus crisis, and now we are also suffering because of the war. And it is not only us who suffer, but the whole world” Sisi said

He added: “I speak on my own behalf and on behalf of everyone present at COP27. Please stop the Russian-Ukrainian war for the world.”



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