Upper Egypt’s Aswan mulls to establish factory for date production



Fri, 09 Sep 2022 - 01:52 GMT


Fri, 09 Sep 2022 - 01:52 GMT

Dates in Aswan

Dates in Aswan

CAIRO – 9 September 2022: Upper Egypt’s Aswan Governorate is probably to have a factory for date production.


The Governorate Administration is studying the project as it is famous for dates in Upper Egypt to achieve high product quality in preparation for exporting them to foreign markets, besides the local one.


One of the project benefits is providing job opportunities for young people. The governorate targets more than 120,000 tons in annual production from 2.2 million date palm trees across the governorate.


Aswan is currently preparing for the host of its International Dates Festival, which will be held in the Sheraton Park in Aswan during the month of October.


The festival will be attended by all the producing and processed governorates, exporters of dates from all over, suppliers of farm services, date factories and packaging materials, and producers of handicrafts from palm waste, as well as exhibitors from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sudan and Mauritania.


The Director of the Center for Food Technology and Food Processing indicated that the festival activities will include the establishment of a bazaar area to display palm products and handicrafts, competitions, scientific seminars, folkloric performances, and some cultural activities, in addition to honoring the producers of the finest Egyptian dates.


Dates with high market value and demanded in international markets are currently being produced for the establishment of the largest date palm farm in the world on an area of 40,000 acres in Toshka, said Director of the Center for Food Technology and Food Processing, Dr. Amjad El-Kady on 3 August 2022,


Statistics showed a continuous and noticeable increase in the number of total and fruitful date palms, reaching 3 million and 600,000 palm trees.





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