Libya’s Presidential Council head affirms working with all political parties



Thu, 11 Aug 2022 - 04:40 GMT


Thu, 11 Aug 2022 - 04:40 GMT

CAIRO – 10 August 2022:  Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Mohamed Al-ManfiMohamed Al-Manfi, received, on Wednesday, the Acting Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Rizdon Zeninga, to discuss developments in the political scene in Libya.

The President of the Libyan Presidential Council praised efforts of the United Nations in boosting the political process and searching for a solution to the current political crisis.

He also stressed the continuation of the Presidential Council to work with all parties involved in the political process, by reaching an agreement on the constitutional path between the House of Representatives and the state to reach an integrated road map and set a date for the elections that Libyans aspire to.

For his part, the Acting Head of the UN Mission in Libya affirmed the commitment of the United Nations to continue efforts to support a fair and transparent political process in Libya, and to hold parliamentary and presidential elections in accordance with an agreed constitutional framework consistent with the outcomes of the Berlin Conference “2.1” and the Paris Conference, to promote peace and stability in all parts of the country.

At the same time, he praised the efforts of the Presidential Council in communicating with all parties, in order to end this crisis, as well as the progress made by the Council in the file of national reconciliation, and to reveal the strategic vision of this national project.





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