Egypt’s prosecution detains 3 nurses over leaked video of murdered student Nayera Ashraf’s body



Sat, 06 Aug 2022 - 08:50 GMT


Sat, 06 Aug 2022 - 08:50 GMT

Egyptian student Nayera Ashraf – File photo

Egyptian student Nayera Ashraf – File photo

CAIRO – 6 August 2022: The Egyptian Public Prosecution has ordered detaining three nurses for four days pending investigation over filming the body of student Nayera Ashraf, who was brutally murdered in June, and circulating the video on social media.

Social media users have been shocked by a video leaked recently showing a nurse while showing deep wounds all over Ashraf’s body in the hospital’s morgue.

One of the nurses told the prosecution that it filmed the video of Ashraf’s body once it arrived at the hospital for examination with the aim of showing it to the surgeon, the prosecution said in a statement on Friday.

She said that she sent the video to the other two nurses after they requested it. The other two nurses said they kept the video on their mobile phones but deleted it later.

None of the nurses claimed responsibility for posting the video on social media, the prosecution said.

However, police investigations concluded that the three nurses filmed the video from the hospital and posted it on social media to earn views, the prosecution noted.

Ashraf’s family had filed a petition to the prosecution blaming the head of El Mansoura General Hospital and the medical team responsible for Nayera at the hospital for leaking a video for her body.

A state of public uproar prevailed on social media after Nayera Ashraf, a girl in her twenties, was killed on 20 June by a colleague, Mohamed Adel, who admitted murdering her in retaliation after she refused his proposal.

The crime scene was captured on camera and went viral on social media, where floods of angry comments calling for justice took over different platforms ever since.

Last month, the Mansoura Criminal Court sentenced the murderer to death after taking Grand Mufti’s religious advise. However, the ruling is not final and was appealed.



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