Ex-Brotherhood leader reveals Qatar’s role in supporting terrorism



Fri, 14 Jul 2017 - 06:49 GMT


Fri, 14 Jul 2017 - 06:49 GMT

former Brotherhood leader Abdel Rahman Khalifa bin Sobaeh el Sewidi-

former Brotherhood leader Abdel Rahman Khalifa bin Sobaeh el Sewidi-

CAIRO - 14 July 2017: “I received training on social network usage by Doha-based Al Jazeera channel’s employee Mohamed Mokhtar Shanqity in 2010 on how to provoke public opinion, along with other Brotherhood media figures in the United Arab Emirates,” former Brotherhood leader Abdel Rahman Khalifa el-Soweidy said in a broadcast interview.

The 52-year-old man joined the Muslim Brotherhood’s secret organization when he was middle school student. He swore the allegiance to the Brotherhood and got married to a Brotherhood woman.

Soweidy was promoted within the Brotherhood and became in charge of donations and funds in the UAE. Upon instruction from the Brotherhood Emirati Observer, Soweidy went to Oman before going to Yemen where he played a key role in supporting the Brotherhood secret organization. Later, he headed to Turkey where he and other Brotherhood members got advantage of media channels to attack Arabs in the past few years.

In October 2015, he was arrested in Indonesia on charges of forging documents before being handed over to the UAE authorities.

“I do regret joining the Muslim Brotherhood,” Soweidy said in an interview broadcasted on many UAE satellite channels on July 14, revealing many facts about the Muslim Brotherhood and its secret organization.

He denied being tortured or abducted by the Emirati authorities.

State of Qatar offered passports and residency documents to the Emirati Brotherhood secret organizations staying in Qatar, according to Soweidy.

He sounded that Qatar has a major role in supporting terrorism in the region although it has many agreements with the Gulf Cooperation Council states.

He admitted he had visited Israel to monitor performance of a school affiliated to Hamas in Nabuls when he was a Brotherhood leader. “Qatar and Hamas have direct contacts with Israel,” Soweidy said. He added that he received an Israeli visa from Qatar.

Brotherhood famous anchor Ahmed Mansour was writing articles for Reform Charity Association in the UAE in the nineties to support the Brotherhood secret organization members, Soweidy who was a director of that association continued.

Qatari Brotherhood leader Mahmud al-Jaidah who was pardoned by the UAE in 2015, after being arrested in 2013, was assigned to send and exchange the secret organization letters between Thailand and the UAE; in addition to transferring foreign funds to the Brotherhood organization inside the UAE, especially the Qatari funds.

Egyptian-born Qaradawi’s fatwa and studies are sacred in the gas-rich state of Qatar, Soweidy said, adding that Qaradawi’s fatwa permit suicide-bomb operations upon approval from the Brotherhood leadership or the secret organizations.

Soweidy disclosed that he had been in contact with head of the Brotherhood Gulf-liaison office in Iran named Abu Yehia Abdel Rahman Birani who was in charge of a publish house in Iran called the Reform for Publication.

After these facts were uncovered by a former Brotherhood leader, a hashtag of #Qatar_Supports_Brotherhood_Terrorism spread on social networks platforms. The interview with Abdel Rahman was watched more than 18 million times worldwide.



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